Hurray for Big Finish!


That’s generally a good headline, but in this case it’s an especially good one, for fifteen years ago today, Big Finish released “Sirens of Time”, the first Doctor Who audio. Well, their first, anyhow. There were some relatively decent ones made back in the day featuring the Third Doctor, the Fourth Doctor and the Sixth Doctor, but nothing on the level of what Big Finish started. Nothing that was intended to be a true continuation of the series, like this.

As part of their little anniversary celebration, Big Finish have set up a special page showing congratulatory notes from the likes of Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies. That same page includes the happy news that for today only, you can get “Sirens of Time” for $1.00 in download form, and you can get two other audios, plus a behind-the-scenes documentary, for free. Now that’s a good deal!

So head on over to their page and get yourself some audio goodness!

Use Your Illusion

I love this kind of stuff. :)

Thanks, Obama!

So today President Obama signed an executive order saying that federal contractors can’t discriminate against LGBT people. This is an excellent thing. It’s made even more excellent that he did it over the objections of religious types who, citing the recent Supreme Court ruling about Hobby Lobby, opined that they should be allowed to discriminate. That’s a bullshit argument. If you want to take federal money, you have to play by federal rules. If you don’t want to play by those rules, don’t take the money. Simple.

Wherein the Employed Apply for Unemployment

Did you know that in the USA, unemployment insurance isn’t just there for you if you don’t have a job. No, it’s also there for you if you’re underemployed. In my case, I work less than 28 hours a week (sometimes less than 20), and pull in under $100 a week for income. It seems that qualifies me for about $161 a week in underemployment assistance for the next six-and-a-half months while I look for a better job.

This really is something that’s very helpful. *IF* I get it (and I haven’t been confirmed yet), it will remove a lot of pressure. Previously, I’d been planning to abandon my search for a good job on August first and take the first 40 hour a week thing I could get, even if it was only fast food. That’s how I ended up in my current situation, and I understandably didn’t want to go back to that. But I had expenses to meet, so…

But if I get this money, I’ll have some flexibility. I’ll continue to look for full-time work, but at least now I can do so with some ability to pay my bills, and I won’t have to jump on the first crappy job that comes my way.

So let’s hope that I do indeed qualify and that I can use this time well to get back to some cushy little office job somewhere. I’m too old to keep serving.

An Essential Update

I’ve updated my Essential Guide to Big Finish Audios! Enjoy!

Mo’ Money, Less Mo’Dor…

John McCain – Warmongering Buffoon

John McCain is a man I once respected. He seemed like a decent, moderate Republican. The sort that I might disagree with, but could still think highly of.

Then came the 2008 Presidential Election. That was when he pandered, shamelessly, to the worst aspects of the Republican party, and when it came time to make the most important choice of his political life, that of vice-president, he picked a clueless jackass who he’d only barely ever met or talked to. Since then he’s basically disintegrated ever further, and now has just become a warmongering buffoon, almost a parody of what he used to be.

His current suggestion is that we should start arming the Ukrainian military in their fight against Russia/Russian-backed revolutionaries. This comes in the wake of a Malaysian Airlines plane being shot down over Ukraine, apparently by the revolutionaries (on a side note, I’d hate to be the insurance company that covers MA right now). This idea is, to put it mildly, irresponsible and stupid.

Does McCain forget what generally happens when we fight proxy wars against Russia/the Soviet Union? It usually ends badly for pretty much everyone involved (here, here, here). Does he really think that further destabilizing an already unstable situation is really wise? Does he really believe that turning a brush fire into a firestorm is a good idea?

McCain is, in a word, a buffoon. We are lucky as hell he didn’t get elected in 2008, because if he did, we’d likely have troops not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also Iran, Syria, and now possibly Ukraine, plus God knows how many other places. He wasn’t suited to be president. At this point, he’s not even suited to be a Senator. He’s barely suited to be dog catcher. I really hope that we change our senators soon.


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