Happy Halloween, Bugs Bunny!

Ending the HIV Bans

At long, long last, after several presidents and a couple decades, America’s repressive laws regarding HIV positive foreigners living in and visiting the USA is finally being lifted.

Hooray and about time! Now Sully can go get his citizenship and avoid voting, jury duty and paying taxes, just like most Americans. ;)

Happy Halloween!


Today is Halloween, and to me that means… well, nothing, really. Tomorrow it means half-price bulk candy at the local CVS, but that’s about it.

Nevertheless, I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to a couple Halloween related articles out there.

First, you know how you hear every year about strangers poisoning little kids who come around trick or treating? Actually, you don’t, because it never happens. Occasionally foreign objects will turn up in candy, but that’s different and some could possibly be a side-effect of a failure in the manufacturing process.

Second, Wicca. God, Wicca annoys me. To many Wiccans today is a holy day (though were I religious I think I’d believe either all days to be holy or none), and apparently something of an organizational nightmare.

I work tonight so no worries about me having to deal with kids coming around begging for candy. That kind of disapoints me because I like seeing the costumes, but I suspect I’ll deal, and save all my celebrating fun for 5 November!

Even More on Willingham

Getting ever uglier in Texas over the Willingham case. Check this editiorial on the current situation.

Old v New

Another great video for all the Doctor Who fans out there! Interesting fact: I don’t know anyone who likes the new series better than the old.

Colbert on Washington State

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So I can’t get the video to embed, but click on the title of it and you’ll see something pretty damned entertaining!

This Is Some Kind of Genius

I don’t know what this video is for, but I likes it! Amusingly, someone in the comments section seems to feel this video is a slam on people from Turkey. Seriously!

Which brings me to my dream last night. No, I didn’t dream I was testifying before Congress in my Maidenform bra, instead I dreamed, no fooling, that I was at a conference on cultural issues for the Turkic speaking peoples of the Black Sea region. This came complete with a proud announcement by the MC that they’d for some reason helped provide money to produce an animated version of the old TV series Perfect Strangers. It also included music by various Turkic musicians and lots of appearances by the letter “y”.

It was a very, very odd dream.


(it doesn’t mean what you think it does)

Through Andrew Sullivan’s blog, I found an article talking about racial diversity in major “liberal” cities, like Portaland, Denver, Austin and Seattle. The writer points out that they have substantially smaller than average numbers of black people living in them and somehow thinks this is significant. James Joyner finds this to be nonsense and some of Sullivan’s readers appear to agree.


I was born in Lacey, Washington, and spent several years of my adult life living in the University District of Seattle. The author of the original article is correct. There aren’t that many black people, as a percentage, in places like Seattle and very few in Lacey, at least when I was growing up.

But Sully’s readers are also correct. Blacks aren’t the only minority out there. When I was a kid going to elementary school in the 1970′s and 1980′s, I vividly remember getting used to names like Tran, Vinh and the like, since there were a lot of Vietnamese kids where I grew up. I learned at an early age to be accepting of people regardless of their skin color. Hell, one of my three best friends (and Dungeon Master, which also doesn’t mean what you think it does), was half Korean. I can’t say that I ever really noticed unless it was brought to my attention by things like him speaking Korean to his mother.

So I think the writer of the article is way off. Besides, I’m an elitist liberal who currently lives in Phoenix where about 41% of the population is Hispanic.

I think the writer of the original article is anxious to blame some imagined racist attitudes where, in fact, there’s nothing at work but geography.

Made… Of… WIN!

The only regret I have is that this animator hasn’t turned his obvious talents to making anime versions of the missing episodes. Ever since the BBC released “The Invasion” with the two missing episodes animated, I’ve longed to see them do more. Imagine how cool it could be to see them done in different styles, like the flash they used for “The Invasion” or this anime-style or CGI or anything like that!

Oh, well. Until the BBC makes that happen, at least I can enjoy this artist’s work!

A Fascinating Drawing

Courtesy of Andrew Sullivan, I found this picture:

Click to embiggen!

Click to embiggen!

Explanation here. I do think it does a better job of what people think Left and Right believe, but reality, as often, is complex.


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