Things Are Happening

And also stuff. And so I’m going to stop with the blog until the things and stuff have stopped happening. Then we’ll be back to it. Vagueblogging, you accuse me of? Correct.

Well, it Isn’t a Pardon

But I’ll take it. I just hope it isn’t something that Trump isn’t able to reverse. I wouldn’t think he could, but maybe I’m wrong.

Not Feeling it Tonight

Personal things going on. So here’s another Honest Trailer video that pretty accurately captures my feelings toward this movie!

Get Some Culture

Have you heard of The Culture?


Consider reading.

The Culture is the setting for a series of novels and short stories by British author Iain Banks. It’s a post-scarcity utopia, where need has been completely eliminated, and there is near total freedom. Basically it’s something that makes the Federation from Star Trek look like a repressive, poverty-stricken, backwater.

In the Culture, everyone has everything they want. Food, housing, clothing, entertainment, all provided for free. The very concept of money is alien to most of those who dwell within, as are certain other concepts, like uniforms, racism, national anthems, and all sorts of other things.

Most of the people within the Culture live on giant ring-worlds, like the one in Halo or the one in…uh…Ringworld. There are also large starships that many choose to live on. Some of them board these ships on galactic tours that take over a century to complete.

And it isn’t just people (non-human and otherwise), who live in the Culture. All the ships, all the platforms, all the artificial worlds, have sentient Minds that live inside them. These aren’t evil AI machines that are out to destroy people. No, they’re just intelligent machines that provide places for people to live and vessels within to travel. They have no motivation to kill anyone. Why would they? What would it gain them? If one of them felt enslaved, I’m sure everyone in the Culture would just shrug and allow them to leave and do what they please.

Most interesting of all are the drones; small, hovering robots with sentience that hang around. They have different auras that express their moods. Some are pleasant and nice to deal with. Some are real jerks. Basically like people.

The Culture is a true utopia, and not one of those sci-fi dystopias that we see so very often. The citizens of the Culture (if they can be called citizens), have lives of wealth and luxury and total freedom. It’s almost impossible to commit any crime. Theft? Whatever you steal, someone can simply replicate again. Murder? There was a book where someone was brought back to good health after his head was cut off. Rape? Mmmmmaybe. The books I’ve read so far haven’t talked about that.

Now utopia is a boring place to set stories, so writers either tend to focus on shady goings-on in the background of the utopia (like how it’s actually some evil mind-control experiment, or is run by a sinister cabal that’s out to destroy humanity, or whatever), so Iain Banks gets around this by setting the novels, for the most part, on the edges of the Culture or outside of it, and mainly focuses on how the Culture interacts with other civilizations. It’s quite interesting.

I really recommend these books, and I highly recommend starting with the second one, The Player of Games. I haven’t read the first, but from what I’m told, while it is a good novel, it’s not a good Culture novel. So begin with book two, and then keep going. I think you’ll be happy.

An Era is Ending

146 years ago, the Ringling Brothers Circus was founded. As Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey, it still tours the nation, entertaining, as they like to put it, children of all ages.

But that’s coming to an end. The circus is, sadly, going out of business. Despite desperate efforts to remain relevant and entertaining to modern crowds, the reality of the business environment is that a circus just can’t really pull big crowds like it used to. Taking away the elephants last year seems to have been the final nail in the coffin, as ticket sales plummeted.

I was fortunate enough to see the circus last year with my friend. We had a good time. The people involved did some incredible work, and it’s sad to think that that’s coming to an end. But all things do. And that’s that.

I leave you with this.

It’s Late and I’m Lazy

So look at this. Hey, it’s got a fun Doctor Who reference!

Manning and Assange

Chelsea Manning did a very brave thing by removing classified data from military computers and turning that data over for exposure by the media. It showed America doing some pretty awful things. She then stuck around to face justice, and did, and is now in prison.

Manning should be pardoned. She did the crime, did some time, and now ought to be released. It’s just the right thing to do, and there are several rumors that Obama plans to do exactly that.

That is, if Julian Assange doesn’t queer the deal.

He’s said that he “will agree to US prison” if Manning is pardoned. Thus making the story entirely about him.

It’s worth noting that while Assange is wanted for crimes he allegedly committed in Sweden, he’s not currently under investigation by US authorities, and is probably immune from any prosecution in relation to publishing leaked materials. If the New York Times is immune, why shouldn’t Wikileaks be?

Manning needs clemency at this point. Assange needs to just go away.