Democrats – Pros and Cons

I am, as I mentioned in the previous post in this little two-post series, basically a socialist. However, since there is no viable Socialist Party here in the USA, I have to settle for the next best thing, which is, admitedly, pretty darn great.

 The Democratic Party is an old and storied one. Throughout the decades it’s been around, it’s gone through many changes. Initially very conservative and pro-slavery, it is now reasonably liberal, and a champion of human rights for all. Still, there are things they do that I don’t like, so here’s the list of pros and cons for my team.


1. The Democratic Party is basically rolling over and showing its soft, white underbelly when it comes to illegal immigration. We waffle, we waver and we don’t really follow-through on any viable changes to the current setup. This needs to be corrected and soon, but the sad part is, I think the Republicans have this issue correct and we don’t.

2. For to long the party has been a rubber stamp for all the horrible things George W has done to this country. Rather than standing up to him in Congress, we’ve basically been, well, pussies, and given him his own way on virtually everything. Yes, I know, we didn’t have the majority for the longest time, but now we do, and we still aren’t acting like the loyal opposition.

3. For a party big on civil rights, we are really not standing up for gay rights as much as we should. Yes, we’re not pushing for Amendments to outlaw gay marriage, but we certainly aren’t endorsing it (and a note to the Dems: civil unions aren’t the same thing as marriage. Seperate is not equal. Didn’t we learn this lesson already?). Credit where it’s due, both Obama and Hillary have made noises about lifting the ban on gays in the military. On the other hand, so did Bill Clinton, and that didn’t happen.

4. When, exactly, did we accept the notion that “liberal” is a dirty word? The Republicans turned it into one, we let them, and haven’t taken it back. This needs to change. This is connected to the next issue.

5. For some reason we keep letting the Republicans shape the debate and the arguements and we don’t fight back. They loudly shout about how wanting to pull out of Iraq is surrendering to the terrorists (see Mitt Romney’s remarks when he left the Presidential race)! We just roll over and go back to sleep. They smear the hell out of John Kerry’s war record. We don’t fight back. They talk about “extreme rendition” and “interrogation techniques” and we don’t shoot back with “kidnapping” and “torture”. Yes, this is them pandering to their base, and yes, it’s a lot of nonsense. But perception is reality, and if we continue to let the public perceive us as a pathetic lot who just bend over and take it, we aren’t going to win elections we should (2004, anyone?).

6. We don’t stand up for the poor often enough, and not in the ways we should. As it is, people who should be voting for us (like, say, poor red-state farmers), vote instead for the party who screws them over (for a great book on this subject, check What’s the Matter with Kansas?: How Conservatives Won the Heart of America)

7. Why don’t we have universal health care? Why hasn’t this been a major issue until now? Yes, now something is being done. The UK has had universal health care since before my mother was born.

8. Basically all these complaints get summed up as: we aren’t standing up for our principles often enough. We’re too willing to cut the deal, to make the compromise, to set aside what needs to be done for what’s convenient. This is not a good thing. True, we don’t want to  be zealous buffoons like the neo-cons, but we can and should stand up more than we do.


1. There are plenty of things the party does stand up for. We’re not about to let Roe v Wade be overturned. People may not like abortion, but we understand that it’s about choice.

 2. We also are in favor of stem-cell research, as is most of the country. We’re pragmatic enough to recognize the benefits outweigh the problems.

3. We support and believe in science. We understand that evolution is the most likely answer for how we came to be, and that intelligent design is anything but. Even those of us who do like ID, for whatever reason, understand that religion needs to be kept out of our schools.

4. We are far more inclusive than the GOP. As I mentioned in my essay on them, we have a mixed-race man and a woman running for president, vs an old white man (I’m writting off Huckabee at this point).

5. The two worst wars in the 20th century, World War One and World War Two, were fought, and won, under the auspicies of Democratic presidents. Had Wilson not had a stroke, we probably would’ve had a better peace after WWI than we did, but regardless we certainly won the peace after WWII. Would we have done so well had Dewey won in 1944?

6. We understand and support the seperation of church and state. We understand that not everyone in this country is a Protestant. We, unlike George Bush Sr, don’t believe that atheists shouldn’t be considered Americans. We like the fact that we can have our beliefs and you can have yours.

7. We understand that rich people need to shoulder their share of the burden. Here’s how this works, people: if you earn $50 million a year in income, you can and should pay a higher rate, both in raw numbers and in percentage, than someone who earns $50,000 a year. This country enables you to earn that money, it is your obligation to help pay to maintain it.

8. We support and defend unions, though not as much as we should.

9. Officially we’re against the death penalty, though we don’t really make a lot of noise about it.

10. We’re more in favor of rehabilitating criminals, and trying to make them productive members of society, instead of just warehousing them forever in brutal conditions.

11. The world did not really change that much after September 11, 2001. We understand that it was a horrible abberation, and that your odds of being killed by a terrorist on 9/12 were just about the same as they were on 9/10, and that nothing that happened that day justifies rounding up people, holding them without trial, using torture, kidnapping civilians, invading Iraq (invading Afghanistan was fine in my book, and what Gore would’ve likely done), warrantless wiretaps, smearing and outting an undercover CIA opperative, passing the PATRIOT Act (though several Democrats voted for it, sadly), or any number of the other things the Bush adminstration has done. We understand that you should not give up real freedoms and morals for perceived improvements in security.

12. We grasp the notion that a real family is whatever you decide it is. It isn’t always one man, one woman, and a couple of kids.

13. We may not want teens having sex, but we understand that they probably will, and if they do, they need to know about condoms and other forms of birth control. Telling a kid about those doesn’t make it anymore likely that the kid will go out and have sex. That’s like saying telling your kid to wear a helmet if they choose go skatebording will increase the chances of them skatborading.

14. We know that freedom is important. We also know that some people are going to use their freedom in ways we don’t like. We’ll cringe a little, but we’ll stick up for their rights.

15. True reform and progress starts from the bottom. This is part of why we try to help out the poor as much as we do, in addition to the fact that it’s just right. To you Christian Republicans out there, what would Jesus do with the hungry and homeless? Would he tell them to get jobs? Or would he give them a place to live and food to eat and then help them find work? (yes, I just basically asked “What Would Jesus Do?” Argh)

16. Censorship is bad, and we understand this. I’d like to think that had the Crisis of Janet Jackson’s Nipple happened under our watch, the FCC wouldn’t have overreacted as they did.

True Americans stand up for freedom at home and abroad. They give a hand to those who need it. They stand up for the tired, the poor and the meek. They know that government, far from being a necessary evil, can actually be a postive and good thing. They also know that blindly following your government and not offering criticism when it’s called for is a bad thing.

True Americans also don’t resort to name-calling, scare-tactics, jingoism, lies and distortions to win elections. I won’t say Democrats haven’t done that, cause we have, from time-to-time. But what I will say is that while we’re minor practitioners of the art, the Republicans can teach the doctorate level courses. I’m not saying they’re un-Amercian or anything like that. I am saying they fear America in a lot of ways, especially the neo-cons.

I’m saying that the party that can, and will, restore this nation to the greatness is should have is the Democratic Party, and that’s why I vote for them. (and we’ll ignore any instances I’ve had in this essay of name-calling, scare-tactics, jingoism, lies and distortions) 😉


22 Responses to “Democrats – Pros and Cons”

  1. Andrew Says:

    This post is about 94% pure ignorance!

  2. Chris Says:

    Yeah, well, admitedly I had to reach for some of the cons on Democrats. I can understand how that might appear to be ignorance.

  3. Tylor Says:

    Fantastic! I’m a young Democrat, and i thoroughly agree. Good use of humor and wit too? Time to shove something up those conservative asses, and hello majority!

  4. Tylor Says:

    By the way after “wit too” shouldve been an ! not ?

    • Chris Says:

      Technically I think it should be “Good use of humor and wit, too!” but you got the point across and that’s what matters the most. 🙂

  5. wtf Says:

    democraps suck

  6. wtf Says:

    no pros of democrats all cons barry obomber is there

  7. wtf Says:

    u r an idiot

  8. luzy Says:

    I am not American and I just have to say that the democrats and republicans give a great balance to this Country. who ever wrote the article did a good Job sharing her/his thoughts, however I would like to ask you what does really mean to have freedom? Does people understand the meaning of freedom? and I just have to say that 80% of the democrats that I know don’t understan.
    some people believe that; having many kids and not working is freedom, using drugs and not working is freedom. I think that would be nice to inform people the meaning of this great word FREEDOM.

  9. G.H Says:

    I just became a republican

  10. Alischa Winnett Says:

    I came here to hopefully find a good perspective from the other side. Being not able to vote yet, i wanted to thoroughly inform myself of both sides of the story. BUUUT, when i came across the part about “rich people having to pay more than others” my jaw dropped. I dont really see the theory behind it really. I work hard in school to get a good job and and get payed well. Im not saying that i wouldnt be willing to pay extra support but that should TOTALLY be my choice, and i shouldnt have the government hanging over my head, telling me that i MUST pay extra, just because i had the intelligence to go out and make a better life for myself. You guys say that you are so pro choice with abortion, then shouldnt i say that i am pro-choice with my money? It’s not my fault that government decided to get us into so much debt. REALLY REALLY??

  11. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  12. Really nigga Says:

    First off bitch that women inside the womens womb has no choice whether it lives or dies cuz God created that life not her.

  13. Eric Says:

    Very interesting read, and I’m glad that you were able to run through the pros and cons of both major parties as fairly as possible. This is going to be the first year I will be old enough to vote, and both pieces (the republican and democrat ones), while not completely unbiased, seemed to be very fair. Like any person with common sense knows, neither of the parties are perfect. I agree with democrats about stem cell research and gay marriage, but privacy from the government and the right to bear arms is something that I feel should be left to the individual to decide for. I agree with republicans about flat tax rates and less government involvement, but I also think that church and state should be clearly separated, and I don’t think that there is any dominant religion.
    I don’t keep up with politics (though I’m planning to start studying it), but I feel as if presidential candidates are forced to affiliate themselves with most, if not all of a particular party’s views, even if they may not agree with *every* single ideology. I don’t believe that one party is better or more right than the other, as Chris has clearly demonstrated that both have their pros and cons. I believe it’s up to whoever sits in the oval office to use his or her own judgement to make the best decision they can.
    People should not be identified by the party the candidate they support was affiliated with. I understand that another way democrats and republicans identify by are liberal and conservative, but I feel as if these words don’t bear much meaning to the main issues that are argued between the two parties. It should be the responsibility of the voter to take each candidate that is running and understand their views on all the important issues on a issue-by-issue basis, rather than just blurting out that they support a particular party without understanding every single thing they support. While I understand the necessity of these different political parties, I do not think that either of them are to be completely supported or completely opposed. Despite my being able to guess that the author was a republican (before reading so in the comments), I still want to say again that as far as what I could google, this came out as one of the most informative and unbiased comparisons that I could find, and I appreciate the effort you put into these pieces.

  14. cole Says:

    i will keep my guns my money and my freedom and you can keep the ”change”

  15. Fucku Says:

    I see that you’re biased when writing out the pros and cons of each.

  16. vikingfires Says:

    #5 seems a bit reaching to me, I don’t think correlation necessarily means causation. You could counter with Kennedy and Johnson being democrats and getting us into the Vietnam debacle or you could say the 1 of the pros of the Republican party is that Lincoln won the Civil War and ended slavery.

    I would also disagree with #14, Democrats (Republicans to) stand up for those ideas that align with their political party. I’m sure the author was thinking in terms of social issues, I.E. “We accept you if you’re gay, we don’t care what race you are, we don’t care which religion you follow.” But substitute those with other freedoms like the right to own firearms, to decide to keep personal wealth, to not support certain social programs; then you get a very different stance.

    How many liberals will say, I hate guns but I support your right to own an AR15, I’m pro-choice but you shouldn’t have to contribute your tax dollars to planned parent hood if you don’t want to.

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