The “History” Channel

There was a time in my life when I would mock the History Channel in a rather teasing fashion. I’d call them “The Hitler Channel”, cause it seemed like every show on there somehow related to Hitler, including such fine works as Hitler’s Women, which sounds like the title of some 1970’s exploitation movie, though if it were, it would be called Hitler’s Women!.

Lately, though, the History Channel seems to have entirely lost their way. Oh, they still have episodes of the exceptional series “Modern Marvels”, and will do things about the history Rome, the history of drug use or the history of sex, all of which are quite interesting.

However over the last few months they’ve started showing things that have nothing at all to do with history. Programs that belong on the Discovery Channel, like The Universe, or on Spike, like Human Weapon, or on the Sci-Fi Channel, like Monster Quest. Then there’s programs like Ice Road Truckers and Axe Men, which belong on no channel I’m aware of, at least not until the Blue Collar Occupation Channel comes along. Though I’ve not doubt once that channel does come along, they’ll probably show video game-related programming (might as well, since last I checked G4, a channel supposedly about video games, shows only two or three programs on the subject).

Here’s the thing. If I wanted to watch things like Human Weapon, I’d watch Spike. If I wanted to watch cryptozoological nonsense like Monster Quest, I’d watch the Sci-Fi Channel (and probably listen to Art Bell and watch more Larry King Live). But I don’t want those things. I like my history, damnit, and I want the History Channel to go back to showing what they should show. You know. History!


4 Responses to “The “History” Channel”

  1. Robaigh Says:

    Yes! It used to be fun adding the History Channel tagline, “All Hitler all the time!” but now they’ve even taken that fun away from us. (Although I did recently watch an interesting-though-ludicrously-titled show on the HC called “High Hitler” about how Hitler’s doctors kept him doped up and may have contributed to his Parkinsons-esque tremors and delusional thinking, especially toward the end of the War.)

    I’m also not a big fan of all of their conspiracy theory shows about the Knights Templar and stuff, even though it at least pertains to the field. The academics are shoddy at best and always highly sensationalist. Stupid History Channel. 🙂

  2. Chris Says:

    Yeah, I still watch “Modern Marvels” and the occasional other programs on there. But for the most part, no.

  3. Paul Henne Says:

    I used to call it the Hitler Channel as well. Check out this essay I just wrote about the channel:

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