Oh, Wesley Snipes… Stupid, Stupid Man…

So Wesley Snipes is off to prison for three years. What an idiot. Here’s a quick tip for all of you, including other famous fools: PAY YOUR TAXES.

Mr Snipes apparently thought the laws didn’t apply to him. He was under the highly mistaken belief that the 16th Amendment, which authorizes income tax, wasn’t passed properly. This is what we call “wrong”. There’s apparently an entire anti-tax movement that exists based around myths about this Amendment.

Here’s the deal on this, kids: pay your taxes. Especially if you’re rich and famous. Pay your taxes. You can make all the cute little arguements you want about how the 16th Amendment is invalid, but it’s not.



3 Responses to “Oh, Wesley Snipes… Stupid, Stupid Man…”

  1. Antonio Alejandro Says:

    First off, There is no tax liability for most Americans, it is a scam. Please Refer to Tom Cryer to see how he was Acquitted after asking the IRS to provide the law that made him subject to the IRS tax code. Secondly, the 16th amendment did not create any kind of new tax. The constitutional law for the income tax is article 1 section 8 clause 1.
    The 16th Amendment did not create the income tax. It was a ruse by international bankers to collect interest on bonds and secure by the collection of the income tax. The intended purpose of the 16th amendment was to merely give the illusion that some new tax was created. Initially the 16th amendment included the direct tax notation but after consideration of the fact that it was going to cause an albitrary and unequitable tax system, the direct was taken out.
    Eventually the supreme court, stated that the 16th amendment did not give congress any new taxing power. According to the Supreme court the income tax is an indirect tax, thus the subject of the tax is the event, the excise, not the cash. There is tax liability for the income tax, but it is not stated by law for most Amerricans. The law must make a reference to the activity which is the subject of the tax. There is no such a law.
    I say get rid of the 16th Amendment because it is a ruse and a slap on the face of every working American. THE 16TH AMENDMENT DID NOT DO ANYTHING, IT DID NOT CREATE THE INCOME TAX.

  2. Chris Says:

    It’s so cute that you think that! ^_^

    Tell you what: spend the next few years not filing your income taxes and after the trial, let me know how that worked out for you. ^_^

  3. Chris Says:

    So frequent visitors to my site, if any, will notice there are a lot less comments on this article than there were. Basically some troll had left me 12 comments, most of which were little more than insult, and I’d made the foolish, foolish error of trying to respond rationally to them. As they were basically just a lot of crap that meant nothing, said nothing, and were pure insult, I’ve decided to delete the entire conversation.
    I’m not sure if this was the right choice or not, but I think it was. Hopefully everyone else will continue with their intelligent, interesting comments. 🙂

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