DIY Afterlife

I don’t believe there is any sort of afterlife. There’s no evidence at all to support it. Nothing. Near-death experiences are easily explained away by a mix of psychology and biology. Reincarnation has yet to be proven. There’s no evidence for ghosts or anything of that sort. There’s no afterlife.

But it would be nice if there were, wouldn’t it?

So consider this a memo to the future.

Hey! Future! Yeah, that’s right. I’m talking to you! You’ve worked out the whole time-travel thing by now, right? Good. And you’ve of course worked out how to scan human brains onto some sort of storage medium so they can be recalled later? Excellent.

Here’s what I want you to do, Future. Start going back in time and scan the minds of every single human that has ever existed. Then once you get back home, set up some sort of afterlife that you create for us. Make it nice! No flames, no fire. A giant river could be kind of cool, but is by no means required.

Make it a place that’s nice. Include everyone, regardless of faith or worth, because everyone is loved by at least one other person, and denying that person the right to have the one they love nearby makes the afterlife unpleasant. Also make it a place where we can “opt out”. If an eternal imortality in the afterlife gets dull, let us choose to end it forever. Let us decide we want to truly die, because eternity could be dull after a few million years.

We don’t have an afterlife now. But we humans are a clever, smart lot. There’s no reason that we can’t have an afterlife a few thousand years from now; one that everyone gets to take part in.

Get on that, Future!

2 Responses to “DIY Afterlife”

  1. christianliberal Says:

    What a depressing stance!

    You will either be right or happy.

    There are now THOUSANDS of reports of near-death experience and after-death communications that tend to support the belief in an eternal soul. (Wouldn’t anything else be quite depressing?!)

    Try and click on current NDEs, or and look at their case histories.

    Meanwhile, there is abundant evidence of an afterlife. My favorite story is of a man that come back to communicate with his wife and told her were he had hidden a stash of money in the wall of their house. Those non-believing nay-sayers might get a kick out of that – in not for the prospect of an afterlife, at least the idea of finding money, ha, ha!


  2. Chris Says:

    Did you know it’s possible to simulate NDE’s? It’s true. Put someone in a situation where all the blood is flowing away from their brain (the spinny thing they like to put trainee astronauts in is a good example of this), and they’ll eventually pass out. Many people under those circumstances experience the exact same thing as an NDE, yet they aren’t actually dying.

    There are now THOUSANDS of reports of near-death experience and after-death communications that tend to support the belief in an eternal soul. (Wouldn’t anything else be quite depressing?!)

    There’s no objective proof of an afterlife or after-death communication. None. If I’m wrong, and you have such proof, please contact James Randi, since he has a million dollars set aside for you. If you don’t need it, you can give it to charity.

    And what is it depressing to realize there’s no such thing as “an eternal soul”?

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