The Dark Knight – A Michael Bay Film

Look upon this work, ye mighty, and despair.

Michael Bay really does poison everything he touches, doesn’t he?


Foxhole Atheists

Another interesting CNN article has been posted. This time it’s about an atheist suing the US military and government over discrimination because of his lack of faith.

I’ve talked about this issue before, and I’m totally unsurprised there’s a lawsuit pending now. Needless to say, I hope it wins. We really don’t need the military to be a Christian army.

There is No Honor in Killing

I’ve just read an article on all about a man who murdered his daughter because she didn’t want to be part of an arranged marriage. Well, yes, clearly that’s a capital offense.

You know, Bill Maher is a man I respect on many levels, and I agree with him far more often than not. Plus he’s funny as all get out. He once commented in one of his stand-up routines on the things that make our culture better than the medieval Islamic cultures out there.

The gist of it is that freedom is better than oppression, giving women rights is better than denying them, and if you really want to know about the difference between the two cultures, just understand that we don’t make our ladies wander around in “bee-keeper suits”.

To this I would add that won’t think it’s acceptable to murder your child just because she doesn’t want to get married to the man you want her to marry. This is entirely unacceptable and allowing it continue within your culture puts it right on the borderline of being an invalid culture (to which I would add, for example, any culture that practices human sacrifice or cannibalism as a matter of course).

I’m glad to see this jackass is going to get what he deserves and hope he spends the rest of his wretched, miserable life rotting away in an 8′ x 8′ prison cell.

How Are All You Crackers?

P Z Myers has an article up on his blog, which is great reading, btw, all about how someone refused to actually swallow a Communion Waffer and in return got death threats.

In America.

In 2008.

Something a little wrong here, perhaps?

The people involved in this are idiots in the extreme. I’ve decided I’m going to get my hands on some of these crackers and film myself flushing them down the toilet in protest of this nonsense.

Childish and petty? You bet! But so are they. Yet another example of a total lack of restraint on the part of the greatest force for evil in the world today.

The Jefferson Bible

In the United States, despite what some people might think, we don’t have an offical national religion; nor should we. What we have instead are the Founding Fathers, and our secular worship of them out does just about anything this side of the Vatican.

This is interesting because many of the Founding Fathers were Deists, and not Christians. This most definately includes Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson was a great many things, and among those, it turns out, was theological editor. One day he was hanging around the house and decided to take a pair of scissors to the Bible. When he was done cutting out the parts that didn’t belong, he was left with about 46 pages of what we now refer to as The Jefferson Bible.

I’m bringing this up today, because back on Saturday the LA Times had an article about it where they brought up a very interesting point.

The big question now, said Lori Anne Ferrell, a professor of early modern history and literature at Claremont Graduate University, is this:

“Can you imagine the reaction if word got out that a president of the United States cut out Bible passages with scissors, glued them onto paper and said, ‘I only believe these parts?’ “

Well, I’d say it would depend on the president. I have a wretched feeling that most of them, particularly our current one, would leave in much of the Old Testament and emphasize the parts about faith and vengence and violence, while leaving out the parts about helping the poor and the weak. It could be I judge too harshly, but that’s how I feel it would likely turn out.

I haven’t read The Jefferson Bible. I’m still too busy reading the regular one (next post in the series coming this week!). But I’ll definately pick it up at some point, cause it sounds pretty darn interesting.

Anyone here read it? If so, what are your opinions?