A Fuck Before Dying

Ok, so a story from 2001 is pretty old news, but I only recently stumbled upon it, and found it both very touching and funny.

Apparently a fifteen-year-old boy in Australia was dying of cancer. His friends, kind souls they were, didn’t want him to die before he got to experience intercourse, so they arranged for a prostitute to visit the boy and relieve him of his virginity.

First, kudos to her for being willing to do it. Second, good job boys for making it happen! Third, boo to the authorities for even threatening to investigate this. Since this case was seven years ago, I’m assuming all the dust has settled, but still.

Lastly, boo to the whole world, except a few small parts. Prostitution needs to be legal everywhere. It’s the only way to make it safe, both for the customers and the employees. Keeping it illegal only makes it unsafe for everyone involved, plus there’s a great deal of tax money lost out.

I’ll post a more lengthy tirade against prostitution laws later, but for now, as far as I’m concerned, these kids did the right thing.


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