Edgar Mitchell: Former Astronaut, Current Liar!

Edgar Mitchell, a former astronaut who was on Apollo 14, has recently made the statement that there are, in fact, UFO’s out there, and the government is covering it up (click here for another article on this, and notice some of the comments! Sheesh)!

Now I’m a generous fellow. I assume that most people who see UFO’s are simply mistaken on what they are looking at. The Phoenix Lights are a great example of this. In that case people saw a series of unusual objects in the sky (flares on parachutes), and due to their conditioning by the media and Hollywood, many people assumed they must be UFO’s!

I’ve talked about this particular incident before, and at the same about how stupid aliens must be if they fly around, presumably not wanting us to spot them, but do it in a way that allows us to spot them. From my article:

Given that the aliens supposedly have the ability and technology to travel across the trackless depths of space, coming however many light years to get here, why are they so stupid that, upon arriving, they leave their running lights on?

I never did get a satisfactory response on that question. I suspect I’ll never get any satisfactory resolutions to any other questions I have about the UFO phenomenon, like “Why do they hide from us?”, “Why do they come here?”, “What’s up with them and the anal probes?”

I’ll at some point write up a more lengthy article on my views about the government-cover-up theory, but in brief it boils down to a: why would the government cover it up? b: why wouldn’t another government who doesn’t like us report it to the media? c: if we have dead aliens and crashed UFO’s in our custody, why haven’t other members of their species turned up and said, “Excuse us! We take a narrow view of people doing what you’ve done.” and d: again, why would they cover it up? The usual explanation is “to prevent panic”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Cause, you know, people would go nuts and civilization would fall if we turned out not to be alone in the universe. I guess. Whatever.

Anyhow, I try to remain generous with people on this issue, at least as much as possible. In the case of Edgar Mitchell, however, this is someone who, given what he’s saying, is either nuts or lying. I have to assume one of these two things is true because, as is always the case with claims like his, he offers no evidence, none, to back up what he’s saying. If he has evidence he can produce, great! But without that… no, he’s a liar. Plain and simple. I don’t know if he’s getting ready to sell a book or is simply hungry for attention, but since he has no proof for his claims, I have to believe he’s lying.

I notice from his article on Wikipedia that he also believes in things like remote healing and ESP. This from a susposed man of science. What a sad, pitiful creature. It’s a great shame, too, because the Apollo program was one the greatest things in all of human history, and it’s sad that his participation in it will always be tainted by these idiodic views and lies.

(btw: for a good article on this from a skeptical point of view, click here)


27 Responses to “Edgar Mitchell: Former Astronaut, Current Liar!”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Dr. Mitchell is not lying, you re just in denial sir. His stories can be variefied. Look up and see what Astronaut Gordon Cooper said before he died. The kooks and liars are the people who keep laughing this topic under wraps. The truth is just a few mouse clicks away.

  2. Chris Says:

    Well, ok. Where is some verifiable proof, please?

  3. SkyWayMan Says:

    In 1990 I saw UFO’s east of Yuma south of I-8 as I was driving. They looked just like the Phoenix Lights years later. Bright lights that illuminated the landscape in the distance to the south. Those lights could not have been airplanes from the movements they made and it seemed to extreme for helicopters. I had no idea what I was looking at it was so bizzare.

    However . . . Let’s take a look at the map. What is all that land south and east of Yuma? It’s the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range. Tell me which scenario is more likely. Am I seeing aliens flying over military airspace or am I looking at some type of military operation? Probably military, no proof mind you but Occam’s razor points you in the direction of the military. Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence. Fast forward a few years to the Phoenix Lights. The military claims these were military flares. Now what do you know a) that actually does explain what I saw since winds aloft would make them move strangely and b) a lot of the descriptions of how the lights moved matched what I saw years before. I’d like to believe. I really would, but I don’t see any proof.

    Mulder: There’s been another unsubstantiated UFO sighting in the Heartland of America. We’ve gotta get there right away.

    Scully: Well… gee, Mulder, there’s also this report of a shipment of drugs and illegal weapons coming into New Jersey tonight.

    Mulder: [scoffs] I hardly think the FBI is concerned with matters like that.

  4. jeyanth Says:

    if you don’t believe in Dr.Edgar Mitchell then whom would you believe?

  5. Chris Says:

    I would believe anyone who has actual verifiable evidence. Doesn’t matter who they are, as long as they can bring real evidence for people to examine. Once that evidence is properly verified, great! But until then, I don’t care who tells me they’ve seen aliens or whatever. I’ll assume they’re wrong unless they can prove they are right.

    • brady Says:

      Do you think if there was evidence our government would allow it to be released to the public? The same government that keeps aircraft like the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber under wraps for 30 years?

      You believe alien technology would just get released to the public and you believe it would be ok to release that information?

      I believe in UFO’s and I would like to see the government come forward but I don’t blame them for not doing that.

      Think Chris….What doors would alien technology open and what would be the negative side of doing so? Sure, America could use that technology in positive ways but our enemy’s could use it against us. You do believe we have enemies…right Chris? Or do you think they were made up by crazy conspiracy theorist?

      Here’s list of Astronauts that have reported UFO sightings and a great website that explains what they saw… http://www.syti.net/UFOSightings.html

      Major Gordon Cooper
      Donald Slayton
      Major Robert White
      Joseph A. Walker
      Commander Eugene Cernan
      Ed White
      James McDivitt
      James Lovell
      Frank Borman
      Neil Armstrong
      Edwin Aldrin
      Maurice Chatelain
      Scott Carpenter

      WOW….Looks as if Edgar Mitchell isn’t the only crazy liar. lol

      • Vincent Says:

        You fucking idiot… That link is faker than a wooden two dollar bill… Look at the part about Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin talking to CAPCOM. This gives it away INSTANTLY: “What’s there? Mission Control calling Apollo 11.”

        First off, while on the surface of the moon, Apollo 11 was referred to only as “Tranquility Base”, “Buzz”, “Neil” or “Eagle.” They would NEVER have called Apollo 11 “Apollo 11” on the moon, because the whole crew wasn’t there! (Collins was in lunar orbit). Second, Misson Control is always referred to as, “Houston”. They would never call themselves “Mission Control”

        You have lost all credibiliy and now you just look like a fucking tool.

  6. Chris Says:

    So this jackhole is in the news again. You know, I’d be more inclined to listen to him if he offered anything in the way of proof.

    • Brady Says:

      Like what? A baby alien? Little green men landing on the lawn of the white house? How arrogant of you. There’s tons of proof…you just dismiss it.

    • Dave Says:

      I’m getting sort of sick of you calling one of our great American heroes a “jackhole”. You, on the other hand, are an “ASShole”

      • Chris Says:

        Fair enough. All he has to do to prove me wrong is provide peer-reviewed evidence showing that what he claims is true. If he does that, he’ll really earn the title “hero”.

  7. Chris Says:

    Ok, cite some proof. Some actual, real, verifiable proof. And you can’t win by saying, “There is proof, but the government is covering it up!” cause that’s lazy and does nothing to prove your point.

  8. Chris Says:

    I’ll check out the videos later. To answer your other points:

    1. The paintings. You know, George Lucas just sort of made up the X-Wings. They don’t actually exist. Gene Roddenberry just made up the Enterprise. It, too, doesn’t actually exist. Most of those paintings appear to show representations of comets. The others? Possibly someone just made them up.

    2. I’m generous enough to assume that people who report being abducted by aliens aren’t intentionally lying. I believe they honestly think that happened to them. There’s people who honestly believe God talks to them. That doesn’t make it so.

    3. The UFO photos can be any number of things. Generally the better they look, the more likely they are to be fake. Show me a series of photos, taken from multiple angles, by multiple verifiable sources, that’s been extensively examined by people who know more about photography than you and I do, and then maybe I might accept them. Of course, none of that would explain why aliens who apparently want to be hidden and not make contact with us would go around behaving in such a way as to make them non-hidden.

    I have believed things without seeing them first-hand. I’ve never been to Washington, DC, but I believe it exists since there’s a perponderance of evidence that indicates that it does. I’ve never met the Pope, but he appears to be real, sadly. So, no, I don’t have to witness something first-hand to believe it, but there does need to be an extensive amount of evidence pointing to it being true. A few isolated pictures and videos as well as some eyewitness accounts are nothing.

    In fact, while on the subject, let me point out a few things I used to believe in because I had first-hand experience with them, that turned out not to be true.

    I used to believe deja vu was a real thing, where I’d honestly had an experience predicting the future or something. No, I was wrong. It’s not.

    I used to believe in God, and then in a few different gods, believing they controlled my life. Nope, I was wrong there, too.

    If I were to see some alien wandering around in front of me, the first thing I’d guess was that I was hallucinating. Your senses can and do lie to you from time-to-time. That’s why we have things like the scientific method.

    Again, let me say that I do believe there are other intelligent species out there. There’s no real reason to assume we aren’t. But until we have actual, you know, evidence, I’m not willing to say for sure that there are aliens. I’m certainly not willing to buy into some government conspiracy theories, like those Edgar Mitchell esposes, since there’s no proof of them, either.

    I’ll post up my comments on the videos once I’ve seen them.

    • Manoj Says:

      I was just reading through these comments. Chris, you said you’d come back and give your opinion on the videos referred to by Brady. Well?

      • Chris Says:

        Oh. I decided I didn’t care enough. There’s no actual real evidence of any of these claims. If those videos provided actual evidence, we would’ve heard about it in the mainstream news, and I have better things to do than watch more pseudo-evidence.

        • gomez Says:

          “Oh. I decided I didn’t care enough”

          translation: “lalala, i can’t hearrrr you!!”

          • Chris Says:

            Naw. Translation… actually, there is no translation. If those videos had anything in the way of actual, verifiable proof of what’s being said here, they would’ve been covered to death by the mainstream media. They weren’t, so they don’t. Simple. 🙂

  9. Chris G Says:

    Chris, who are you working for? You wont look at the videos? there’s a problem here Chris, so i’ll ask you again Who Are You Working For???????????????

  10. Fluidizer (@Fluidizer) Says:

    The Astronauts of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs were carefully scrutinized by a legion of professionals before their acceptance into those programs. The final selections, including Dr. Mitchell, were only vetted after extensive examination and psychiatric evaluation. Known to be elite pilots, the scrutiny confirmed also that each were experts in the aeronautical and space sciences, with each possessing other specialties such as geology, biology, and space physics . Further, like all of the astronauts of the era, Dr. Mitchell’s courage is demonstrated and irrefutable, with his tenure in the Apollo Program earning him the:
    Presidential Medal of Freedom
    Navy Astronaut Wings
    Navy Distinguished Service Medal
    NASA Distinguished Service Medal
    Each of the inherently perilous Apollo missions had only a 50:50% chance of success, with actual expectations of astronaut survival being even less, as follows:
    33.3% of navigational error, sending the crew on an eternal vector away from Earth and somewhere into the Solar System or beyond.
    33.3% the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) would either crash on the lunar surface, be unable to leave the lunar surface, or fail to rendezvous, or dock, or crash into the Command Service Module (CSM).
    33.3% Successfully land on the lunar surface, perform the assigned mission (including the collection of surface samples, deployment of scientific and geologic experiments, rest and replenish etc. for up to 4 days on the lunar surface) Lift off the surface, rendezvous with the CSM and return safely to Earth.
    That’s 1 out 3 chances of survival. I doubt you would take such odds at any endeavor, but I digress.
    Cosmologist and Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, whose academic credentials include a doctorate in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, became the seventh person inducted into the prestigious Leonardo da Vinci Society for the Study of Thinking during an induction ceremony at the University of Advancing Technology IN Tempe Arizona. Mitchell is best known for his exploration of the Fra Mauro highlands. His investiture in the Da Vinci Society, however, was earned for accomplishments after leaving NASA in 1972. He has founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences and developed a new cosmology that holds promise for an evolution in how we see ourselves in relation to reality around us. Heady stuff for a guy like me, but I suspect you will have no problem diving into it and ridiculing this man whose scientific accomplishments and education alone are beyond your comprehension. In the end, if the debate was left to be decided by voting for either you or Dr. Edgar Dean Mitchell…well, you get my point.
    You lose.

    • Chris Says:

      Oh, I didn’t even know he bought into the whole noetics thing. That really kills any lingering credibility he might have had.

      Anyhow, if he still thinks of himself as a scientist, let him address this the scientific way: provide testable proof. Otherwise he is, at best, mistaken, and at worse a liar who is profiting from his lies.

      • Eddie Says:

        Chris, you my friend are the WORST TYPE of critic, one who walks into an argument with his mind already made up!! If an alien did in fact land on YOUR front lawn you would STILL deny it, you’d probably chalk it up to a bad dream or whatnot. Now I am NOT saying that I believe ever picture or claim of a ufo sighting is real, to be honest 99% are probably attention whores, but the point is that, no matter how OUTLANDISH, the headline reads, I approach each one with an open mind, that way, if there is any any chance that the sighting IS real, i won’t look like a horses ass by calling bullshit, on something that might be true, just because I am a close minded fool, and by the way, someone who refuses to look at any and all evidence because they “don’t wanna waste their time”, or is foolish enough to say “if it’s not on the news it CANT BE TRUE” has no business writing an article on the subject in the first place! Please do not think for even a SINGLE SECOND that, and I’m not referring to ufos here, the government has ZERO control over waits shown on air at the news stations. Plus let’s not forget about the large number of clips that’s news stations DO SHOW that they themselves say “are far unexplainable”, only to return a week later and say that it turns out to be swamp gas that stalked the sky’s for 10 mins when swamp gas lasts for mere SECONDS before it disapates. Sometimes the true “CRAZIES” and “LIARS” are those that deny facts with lies about “swamp gas” and “weather balloons”!

        • Chris Says:

          Hey, that’s fine. If any of what Mitchell asserts is true, let him come forward with verifiable proof. If he can’t, my opinion remains unchanged.

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