To-Do List

It’s looking more and more like Obama will be winning the election, and will probably take office with a Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate. This gives him a chance to make some real change for this country; stuff we’ve been needing since about 1968. Here’s some suggestions for what needs a doin’.

1. An increase to the minimum wage. Yes, we just had one recently. No, it wasn’t large enough. It also needs to be tied into the inflation rate.

2. Universal health care. I’d like it to be government provided, but I don’t expect that to happen. Still, all of us should be able to walk into a clinic and know that we’ll great cared for regardless of how much money we do or don’t have.

3. Reform the military. Shrink it to half its current size! We can do that and still remain dominant in the world, plus we’d save about $350 billion a year.

4. Allow gays to serve in what’s left of the military. There’s no reason for the assinine “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. All it does it cause problems.

5. Nationwide civil unions. If you’re not willing to allow gay marriage, at least provide something that’s the same in every way, shape and form as heterosexual marriage. Having done that, I’m sure the courts will step in and say that if it walks like a duck, etc, and make it so that it has to get called “marriage” instead of “civil unions”. Then the politicians can blame the courts, and everyone gets what they want. Well, except those who are against gay marriage, but they suck.

6. A gauranteed four-year college tuition for all citizens. The better educated people are, they more money they earn, and the more taxes they will pay. The government will make a profit on this notion.

7. Get out of Iraq! The sooner, the better.

8. Try to get Russia into NATO. I can’t think of too many ways more likely to prevent the kind of nonsense we’ve seen from them over the last few months than by getting them into NATO. It’s long overdue.

9. More funding for science in general and NASA in particular. Consider how many kids were inspired to study math and science during the Apollo years. If we want to be back on top in that area, I can’t think of too many better ways to do it.

There’s other things, too. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. This is just a starting list. I’m sure that six months in, I’ll have a new one with more things. In the meantime, this is something to aim for.


3 Responses to “To-Do List”

  1. Lone Wolf Says:

    1. I don’t know. In this economy it could harm small businesses. However who says there has to be a single minimum wage? Business that make X amount of money has one minimum wage businesses that make more pay more.

    2. As I was thinking about the reply this part got too long so I made it into a post at my blog.

    3. I don’t know about that one.

    4. Definitely.

    5. In my opinion a legal marriages are ridiculous and should be gotten rid of.

    6. That would be hard, collage tuition is already at insane levels and it keep going up. I doubt the government make it back.

    7. We do need to get out but not just pick up and leave, we need to get out in a manner that will cause the least problems and blood shed. But we do need to get out soon.

    8. I doubt that Russia being in NATO would have prevented the nonsense from happening and I doubt it would prevent any more nonsense in the future.

    9. Definitely.

  2. Chris Says:

    Here’s the thing about the minimum wage: the more people are paid, the more money they have to spend and the better the economy becomes. If people only have enough money to buy the basics, and sometimes not even that, things won’t get any better.

    As for college tuition, look: let’s say it costs $100,000 to send someone to a higher-end college for four years (pulling the figure completely out of my ass, you understand). Let’s say that person then graduates and is able to get a job that pays them $75,000 a year. At a rate of %15 a year in federal income tax (again, pulled out of my ass), this person’s taxes would repay their tuition in about nine or ten years. After that, it would all be profit.

    On the way to your blog to see your article…

  3. Lone Wolf Says:

    True that higher wages would equal more buying andbetter econamy however for busneses who can’t afford to pay more they would be forced to let some go to pay others more or rase there prises and in a busness enviroment where many small busneses are allready being out compeated by big chain stores that could end there biusness. However like I said theres a solution.

    Sure that would work but there are only so many jobs that pay $75,000 a year and even if every one had a collage degree there would still be many make less and meanwhile while one guys tuition is being payed off other would be going to collage.
    Its not that its a bad idea its that, tuition costs too much. Now if tuition where lowered and if the government did pay all of it for every body (depending on the tuition and how much the parents make) than it could work.

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