Wicca is Very Stupid

Yesterday was Halloween, known to some out there as Samhain. The people these days who use that word to describe Halloween tend to be pagans and often of that particular variety known as Wiccan.

I’ve some small experience with the whole Wicca thing. Back in the day, before I came to my senses, I played around at being Wiccan. Even then I thought the whole thing was pretty silly, but as I’ve aged I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s very silly.

See, I don’t have a problem with Wicca’s fundamental philosophies. There’s a lot to admire in them. Things like their motto of “if it doesn’t hurt anyone, do as you please” (ignoring things like, for instance, someone was gay and decided to live a gay lifestyle, it might “hurt” their loved ones. It’s a nice concept, but invariably when you live your life the way you please, you’re going to wind up causing pain to at least someone who thinks you ought to live your life differently, but at least they mean well with it), and I don’t have any problems with some of their other ideas, like caring for the environment (though one of my friends who has often identified as pagan has no problem littering), and equality between peoples. No, what I have a problem with is the Wiccan concept of magic or, as they prefer it to be spelled, magick. The “k” differentiates it from “magic”, which as we all know doesn’t work, unlike “magick” which… er… also doesn’t work. I’ll stick with “magic” for this article, since I’m tired of seeing my spell-checker underline “magick” in red.

Yes, kids, Wiccans actually do consider themselves to be magic-using witches. I remember reading a book back when I was doing the Wicca thing that provided small number of magic spells one could use. The only one I remember vividly was one for finding a job which consisted of the following steps:

1. Fill a bowl with water

2. Arrange thirteen pennies in it in a circle (I originally typed that as “thirteen penis”, which would be a bit more entertaining)

3. Light a white candle

4. Now go out and put in a whole lot of job applications!

5. Repeat as needed.

It’s an interesting way of doing things. Here’s my personal way.

1. Go out and put in a whole lot of job applications

2. Repeat as needed.

See, I trim it down from five steps to two. Much easier! And why do I do that? Because, and here’s the important part, magic doesn’t exist. Unless someone out there can prove otherwise, magic is not real, does not exist, does not affect the world, and is something made up by our ancestors when they were in their caves hiding from the dark. If there’s anyone out there who can do proven, verifiable magic, I believe James Randi would like to chat with you and give you a million dollars.

So one of the primary parts of Wicca, magic, is complete bullshit, as is anything involving Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate or any horn-headed gods (Pan-theistic?), because, also, gods don’t exist. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic god is fictional, and so are all the others.

Like with any other religion there are, as I said, some good philosophical underpinnings to Wicca, but the whole faith itself is really, really stupid, just like Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Judaism, Scientology, Islam or the Young Men’s Reformed-Cultists-of-the-Ichor-God Bel-Shamharoth Association.

And like with any other religion, I don’t have any particular problems with the practitioners of the faith. Many of my friends consider themselves pagan and/or Wiccan, so I’m sure upon reading this there will be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Either that, or they’ll roll their eyes and say, “Would someone please hide the Badger’s soapbox?”

At least as religions go, Wicca is fairly harmless. But that doesn’t change the fact that, again, like any other religion, it’s built on a foundation of lies that pretend the world is other than it really is. It encourages wooly thinking (which is nothing like fuzzy logic), and is designed to appeal to the credulous. It, like all other religions, needs to go onto the ash heap of history.


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  1. sillyhether Says:

    youre right, in a way; magick doesnt exist. but, if you think over, and over, and OVER again that youre going to get sick, you will. If you tell someone they are going to fall in love, they will. wiccan magick is based solely on mind control. wich, is in a sense, magick. and to do a spell, you have to want to. if you want to win a soccer game, you have to work for it. if you want to successfully preform a spell, you have to work for it. you have to put lots of time and energy to help it manifest. saying “Im going to do a spell just to see if it works” doesnt mean its going too. I respect your views and all, but I think you should do a bit more research before you start jumping to conclusions.

    • Skycraft28 Says:

      Great scott I think they got it!

    • Robloxain Says:

      That’s our beliefs. We believe in magic. It’s our opinion. We can do what we want!!

      • Chris Says:

        Sure! And I’m allowed to laugh at it.

      • burn itdown Says:

        robloxain – the pathetic thing is your magic is literally Harry Potter styled bullshit. Maybe if you Wiccans had the fortune of being born into old families or older cultures where some of the old superstitions & knowledge was still practiced, a type of “magic” based on common sense & common knowledge, you’d not be such laughable social rejects. I mean wicca is modern, has no basis on anything past 1950s, and all it is is general apothecary knowledge [your herbs, etc.]. About as magical as a monkey’s arsehole.

  2. Chris Says:

    If you tell yourself over and over again that you’re going to get sick, then likely you’ll start feeling bad. Whether you actually have a virus or not is a different story. Same with falling in love. You might well think you’re in love with someone because you were told you were going to be (assuming anyone is that amazingly suggestible), but that doesn’t mean you actually are.

    Either way, spells don’t work unless you can prove otherwise. I’ve done enough research on the world in general to know at least that much. 🙂

    • J Says:

      I hope you so think prayer is stupid too. A spell is very much like a prayer. With spell work you use your own energies to manifest your needs. It’s directly from you. With prayer you use “gods” energies. ( the invisible friend in the sky).

      • Chris Says:

        I do think prayer is very stupid, yes. When it’s done for meditative purposes, I can kind of let it slide. But when it’s intercessory prayer, especially directed toward an omniscient deity, then I find it silly.

        • Andrea Says:

          You are the stupid one here. supernatural powers such as magic and prayers do work and they are proven. I’ve been a witness of a miracle. I have been in the edge of dying more than three freaking times and I’m still here without a doctor’s help, and you think there’s is no God or Goddess or any kind of supernatural force? You know what? Your sense logic is absurd for many people and honestly I feel bad for you for being so blind, but you don’t need to ruin other’s people beliefs only because your faith has been destroyed because of your shitty miserable life.

          • Chris Says:

            Actually, I’m generally pretty happy in my life. 🙂

            As for the rest of your comment, great! If these supernatural powers do work (at which point they’d logically be natural and not super, yes?), then please provide proof. If you can do that, you’ll rewrite every physics book, get a Nobel Prize or two, and instantly become most famous person on the planet.

            I await your fame.

          • Doug Fo Says:

            “are proven”????? Yeah, that why all those wiccan spells for weight loss, health, money gains end up with a population of Wiccan who are svelte, free of all ailments, and are quite rich. That is except for the vast preponderance of every one I’ve ever met.

          • burn itdown Says:

            Andrea – you really are sad. Close to death three times. Given that most wiccans and oftentimes just as often pagans are drunkards or drug addicts [by & large social rejects trying to fit in somewhere] you likely survived because your body expelled whatever drug you consumed like the poison it is. Wiccan didn’t help you, your body said what the fking hell are you doing to me you stup*d cow.

  3. originalsinsuality Says:

    I understand and even agree with what you’re saying (and yes I am a Wiccan lol). However, I am of the type to have to experience things first hand before actually believing it. I am a show me type of person and even used to consider myself an atheist (simply due to the fact none of the world religions shared my philosohpy)…

    I can tell you that as someone who has been involved in the Wiccan religion for a while (9 years), many Pagans/Wiccans alike are not easily influenced into believing in anything. Usually we have to figure out for ourselves. Of course, you will always find your nut cases or unicorn type of people too:-)

    Unlike most world religions, Wicca usually is not about blind faith. I have questioned and still question everything. It’s my nature.

    I personally don’t spell magic with a k.

    I also do not literally believe in gods and goddesses. To me they are merely symbols and metaphors for the human experience in an attempt to relate to what we can’t know.

    I do believe that we have a source/creator that is not supernatural at all. To me everything you see is god…

    I guess I am about as scientific and rational of a Wiccan you get can lol. So that just my personal take.

    I do understand and even agree that religion can and I admit, is usually very silly and stupid. I think it’s okay as long as one does not let irrationality and fanaticism rule over their brains…lol

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions but is obvious that you are probably an atheist (not sure) and because of this, Wicca simply wasn’t for you. No problem with that-I can talk to atheists and even agree with them A LOT more than I can with people of other faiths…

    Blessed Be

    )0( Jessica

  4. originalsinsuality Says:

    Oh by-the-way, I looked at your Bible project. That’s awesome lol. But so true. Funny, most Christians don’t think about that or I guess if you’re scared s***less of god then I doubt you’d speak against his wonderful deeds. Lol.

    Funnily, my fiance is a Christian. I guess a more liberal one. But perhaps he is in the wrong religion considering he doesn’t believe god would condone rape (“take the virgins for yourselves”*barf*), genocide, etc.

    The problem with religion and especially the Mid East is that people continue to worship violence disguised as “sacred text.” There is no justification and it is sick people treat spirituality as such.

    Hmmm let’s bring back stoning and treating women no better than property (their status was really no better than that of slaves)…lol

  5. originalsinsuality Says:

    *I meant bring back stoning in this country, America. Lol….

  6. Chris Says:

    Give me or two and I’ll formulate a good reply to your comment. I want to make sure I give it the response it deserves.

  7. Mama Kelly Says:

    I have been Wiccan for over 20 years. After over 2 decades in the faith I can say unequivocally that yes much of it can be silly and most of it is illogical.

    But then any religion, viewed from the view of an outsider or unbeliever can be seen as such.

    Magic is no stranger than prayer. But then you don’t apparently believe in either. And that doesn’t bother me.

    But, for the record, the Wiccan Rede is, more or less as you paraphrased it “if it doesn’t hurt anyone, do as you please.” However, as a Wiccan I know that “doing no harm” is impossible. It represents and ideal that each us should walk through our life doing as little harm as possible – not because “God” or “Goddess” tells me to, but because it is the right thing to do.

    It challenges me to think before I act, to think before I speak, to do what I can to minimize the harm that my mere existance will unfailingly leave in its wake.

    If I am deluding myself into an unfounded belief in a Higher Power/Divine Force – so be it. I am a better person for it.

  8. Chris Says:

    Bah, that’s the problem with arguing Wiccans. It’s like punching air. 😉

    Nevertheless, here we go!

    …I am of the type to have to experience things first hand before actually believing it.

    First-hand, observational evidence shouldn’t be sufficent to belief. One needs objective, verifiable evidence, or at least one should.

    I also do not literally believe in gods and goddesses. To me they are merely symbols and metaphors for the human experience in an attempt to relate to what we can’t know.

    What is there in the world we can’t know, and how is it different from things we just don’t know yet?

    Anyhow, I’m mostly just happy I got to work in the Pan-theism joke. 😉

    I do believe that we have a source/creator that is not supernatural at all. To me everything you see is god…

    Then what’s the point of having a religion built around it?

    I have been Wiccan for over 20 years. After over 2 decades in the faith I can say unequivocally that yes much of it can be silly and most of it is illogical.

    But then any religion, viewed from the view of an outsider or unbeliever can be seen as such.

    And I view any religion as silly and illogical. All religion is, especially on the illogical part. No point in going around thinking something is true with out some verifiable evidence to support it.

    But, for the record, the Wiccan Rede is, more or less as you paraphrased it “if it doesn’t hurt anyone, do as you please.” However, as a Wiccan I know that “doing no harm” is impossible. It represents and ideal that each us should walk through our life doing as little harm as possible – not because “God” or “Goddess” tells me to, but because it is the right thing to do.

    It is a good ideal to reach for. Then again, so is the Golden Rule. There’s just not any point to building a religion around it.

    If I am deluding myself into an unfounded belief in a Higher Power/Divine Force – so be it. I am a better person for it.

    Ok, but why not just do right without bothering to have any gods/higher power/divine force/FSM in the way?

  9. originalsinsuality Says:

    I didn’t know there was an argument. I wasn’t anyway though maybe you’re. I was just commenting respectfully.

    I’m stubborn and rely on myself, not others observations. However, I am objective. I am not out looking for this or that to prove some point and I do look at everything with a fine, skeptical eye.

    By “can’t know” I meant:

    There is much left to discover. Science is full of answers, questions, and theories but that is the fun part of it. I believe as humans we are limited in this knowledge. For example, animals do not have the same exact type of knowledge as us. They have a limit. I think that us humans aren’t the smartest beings in this world as many want to think. Why shouldn’t we have some kind of limit on our intelligence or what we can know about the world at large too? One only has to look to space and realize that indeed there is a mystery…we do not know everything there is to know. We have science to uncover the mystery or to at least put some of the pieces back together.

    So, yes, I believe we can’t know it all-we are limited as everything has it’s limits. We aren’t gods as we so like to think…lol. I couldn’t tell you what we can’t know because we don’t know! Lol. How is it different from what we just don’t know yet…what we do discover is basically what we can understand as human beings…just my take on it.

    What’s the point in having a religion built around it…well to me god is very real but not in the traditional way, not in the way we know as humans. What is “god”- the only way I can put it is that “god” is the source we come from which is not some invisible Zeus or Yahweh in the sky,etc. We are all connected to one another and it is a web of life which is ultimately connected to the rest of universe, etc.

    So I guess that makes me a nature worshipping pantheist…lol.

    I do have “verifiable evidence” to this non-supernatural “god”=nature, the cosmos, humanity,etc.

    The problem with us humans is this: we think we are so intelligent, the most articulate beings ever to have lived. Honestly, one reason I believe there is something more is the simple fact that we can’t be as intelligent as we are without there having been some intelligent source out there. Meaning, if the universe can produce intelligence in life then why can’t the universe itself have intelligence??? It doesnt’ make sense that intelligence is produced from something dead or inarticulate.

    So my view is scientific, not so much supernatural. I’d have to be an atheist if it had to be the other way around believe me:-)

    I am a humanist in that I do not believe you must have religion in order to be a caring and moral person. That is outright ridiculous. I had my values and morals way before Wicca came into my life.

    Not to mention the fact that some so-called “religious” people have done horrific things in the name of “religion” and are not very high up in morals.

    All you need is love in your heart and a care for others well-being and feelings.

    I don’t see it as “bothering” to have any higher power “in the way.”

    People usually seek religion so they will find meaning in the everyday and mundane, to feel connected.

    Perhaps it is because I am young and the cynicism of the world hasn’t caught up with me yet but I personally enjoy this relationship to the unknown or whatnot. However, I would stop at allowing religion to keep me from believing in science and questioning things. I love science. Always question everything is my phiolosophy.

  10. may Says:

    wicca is not completely all that magic stuff…. its mostly tuning oneself with nature. There are some spells but they are ones that make sense, unlike the one left in this

    • Chris Says:

      Alrighty. In what way do they make sense?

      • mr. mister Says:

        In what way do YOU make sense? All that matters is that it makes sense to May. It’s the same as an English speaker asking a Cantonese speaker why Cantonese makes sense (and waiting for an appropriate explanation, no doubt)…you, Chris, are that English speaker I’m referring to. I’m not Wiccan, nor would I ever prescribe to Wiccan beliefs, but that doesn’t give me the right to blatantly call it stupid. This quote seems to fit you rather well:

        “In some awful, strange, paradoxical way, atheists tend to take religion more seriously than the practitioners.”

        -Jonathon Miller

        • Chris Says:

          Actually, I consider all religion to be stupid. And I have to take religion seriously, given how often it’s used as a way of oppressing people.

          • Driklir Says:

            Well said Chris, and of course you have to take religion seriously because if you don’t then why do people believe in their religions if they don’t take it seriously? Also why can’t he express his opinions and ask questions if it’s his blog? On a side note I doubt you will ever get a response to why the spells make sense for obvious reasons.

  11. Camille Says:

    Well Chris, you are way to uneducated to say the Wicca is “stupid”. If you wanna actually post something that proves it’s stupid, you better find some actual proof before you go fucking with my religion.

    • crumblerworm Says:

      Wicca is stupid, really fucking stupid.

      • BANE Says:

        I dont believe that whole magick thing. Whoopdy do da witch wicca is stupid. Please dont be a dick bout it.

      • anonamous Says:

        Can’t you think up something original? I could call you an ‘a*s-f***ing inbred’ or a ‘meth-sniffing, white-trash piece of sh*t’, but all you can think of is wicca is stupid?well At least I have civilized religion. If I worshipped beer and basketball like you and every other dumbass who makes fun of religion, I think I’d hate myself.”

    • anonamous Says:

      yea wicca is just like any other religion. if you don’t like it you don’t have to believe in it, otherwise, stop spreading fucking rumors bout my religion.

  12. J Says:

    Now that I have looked at your profile and see you are gay I understand why you hate religion.
    I do spell work almost every day. I have seen it work in my life and in the lives of the people I do spells for. Do no harm refers to keeping yourself in check. Don’t say hurtful things, don’t do harmful things, keeps your thoughts and works helpful. Just as the three fold rule applies to spell works do no harm applies to my everyday life.
    You seem bitter and annoyed with wiccans for no reason. You just insult.
    Perhaps someday you will release the the hate.

    Blessed be

    • Chris Says:

      Bi, not gay. I hate religion because it perpetrates a set of stories that claim to be truth, yet fall apart when subjected to even the weakest of logical exmainings. Religion claims to understand how the universe functions and expects us to just take its word for it. Science actually does explain how the universe functions (more or less), and offers proof of such.

      I don’t hate Wicca more than any other religion. If you read carefully you’ll note that I praise much of the underlying philosophy. It’s just a lot of the religious trappings that go with that philosophy that I have a problem with, especially the magic stuff. And if you really do magic, and really can prove that it works, then you have a moral obligation to do so in a controlled, scientific setting for the betterment of all. I await your explanation for why that’s impossible.

      • BANE Says:

        I dont see why you have to say that he doesnt believe because of his sexual prefrence. He like all humankind have different opinions.

  13. BANE Says:

    So you bash others beliefs because evolution is stupid and just a theory?

    Im sorry I had to ram that in. I am Christian and am not offended, but “magick” is stupid. I read a wiccan book and died laughing.

  14. CG Says:

    How I personally see magic and spells as prayers and rituals. Christians light candles, pray and sing. Wiccans light candles and “pray” and sing. That spell you posted is basically illustrating “Praying” we just call it magic instead. I’m sorry you did not understand the concept.

    • Chris Says:

      Ok, but I find prayers to be very silly, too. I do, in fact, understand the concept. But that understanding doesn’t make it any less silly.

    • Doug Fo Says:

      The concept I understand perfectly. You do actions that are supposed to have results, but don’t, and you convince yourself that those actions do have results because you have faith. When things actually have results, you don’t have to pretend and faith is not needed.

      I just focus on the things which actually have results and you don’t. I find that silly.

    • Susan Baywell Says:

      So the magick you guys basically practice is a watered-down Christianized version of witchcraft you guys pulled out of your arse? Wow…can’t believe I used to be part of this crazy, delusional religion. I love your philosophies but your religion overall is fucking crazy.

  15. Horapollo Says:

    Nah, I think that sacramentalism and mythology have very powerful psychological effects, not to mention just being fun (especially if you can really get into it, which most pew potatoes – Christian or Wiccan – can’t). The trouble with Wicca is that it’s TOO MUCH like Christianity. Most Wiccans are crypto-Christian pansies who will tell you not to use magic to benefit yourself, tell you that some bullshit ‘karma’ will come to get you, etc. Much like American Buddhists and NeoPagans, most of these people are just liberal Christians in stupid dresses. Some of the things you ‘don’t have a problem with’ are the exact things I loathe about them, like their non-commital, mealy-mouthed sophmoric liberal moralizing about ‘not hurting others’ and all of their neurotic fixations with ‘nature’, as though humans and plastic were somehow supernatural. In fact, this is the same reason I can’t stand Humanists. They’ve just replaced Gawd with Man and copied Christian mythology onto a secular template. Their pseudo-scientific moralizing is repulsive, and their cult of equality is no less mystical and submoronic than the Trinity. As Robert Lynd said, “When the last Puritan has disappeared from the earth, the man of science will take his place as a killjoy, and we shall be given the same old advice but for different reasons.” — Robert Staughton Lynd. As with the Humanists, so with the Wiccans: Puritan moralfag morons who want to take everything literally and think that the world owes them something. A pox on both your houses.

    The Satanists are a fuck of a lot better, even if Tony LaVey was a plagiarist. All you Humanists and Paganfags should grow a pair of balls and read some Max Stirner. Stop pretending people have intrinsic value and I’ll give a shit what you believe.

    • transcendence0q Says:

      I found this response very entertaining. Moralfag? Haha! First time I’ve heard that.

      • anonamous Says:

        all this crap about wicca being stupid is all a piece of bull. because 1. if you guys hate it so much why are you doing nothing but write about it? 2. we stay out of your way and keep our religion a secret. you guys just decide to be nosy and get into other peoples buissness. and we don’t do spells all the time you morons. we respect the gods and mother nature. we harm nobody. and wicca is a religion just like anything else, you guys just go out and out a bad name on it. it would be like putting a bad name on Christianity or something. we are good. we aren’t evil and we absolutely DO NOT worship the devil. so why don’t you guys get your head out of your asses, get you noses out of others peoples buissness, and get a life.

  16. anonamous Says:

    oh and we are normal people like you. except we don’t make fun of a very sensitive topic, religion. so if youre gonna talk smack about religions just fucking email each other for god sakes

    • SpicyFries Says:

      Uh, Excuse me. The man wrote down his opinion. Therefore it is Literature. If your not offended by literature, than it is not doing it’s job.

  17. Skycraft28 Says:

    Um… I am a wiccan. And yes, sometimes it seems silly, but really, it isn’t magic like you see in movies or such, and Magick is magic…. But you know what… God is a god right? And gods are named different, like Zues, and things like that. So you know…. You’re silly sir. All religions are a little silly.

    • Chris Says:

      Well, that’s just the thing. I think all religions are quite silly. Some more silly than others (and I put Wicca on the “more silly” list). Some are also quite dangerous, and at least Wicca isn’t that.

      • Alexandria Says:

        Now, I’m not Wiccan but I know Wiccans are pretty open.So why are you hating more on Wicca than other religions? Unlike other religions, Wicca don’t mind bi people aka you.

        • Chris Says:

          Oh, I hate on all religions. And to be fair, it’s generally only the Judeo-Christian-Islam triad that has a major problem with people who are gay or bi. Other religions run the gamut from just as hateful as those to quite accepting.

  18. Bobby Ziltch Says:

    Wiccan “magik” is right up there with Christian fundamentalists (This being used to describe somone who literally believe the events in the old and new testament happened as written by the King James version) in physics defying events and happenings.

    It’s just plain silly.

    I read through a Wiccan spell book my friend loaned me once and when it got to “The Power of Magnets” I started busting out laughing.

    It basically came down to, “Magnets, how do they fucking work?” I dunno “Magik.” I guess.

    But I will say at least Wiccans are generally nice and peaceful folk.

    • Doug Fo Says:

      I agree sillier, because they actually came to these belief as an adult who should know better, but in part just because the rituals are not part of the cultural absorbed norm. Lets face facts, a bishop in vestments with a crook and a pointed hat swinging a censure is as every bit as silly as a black robed clad middle aged woman wearing 32 necklaces and a cowl holding an athame.

      The difference is he has political sway and his kind has a track record of using it to hurt people, her not so much.

      Hence, of the two, I’d take her EVERY TIME, even though I find her sillier.

  19. sam Says:

    they who believe in magick, will only see magick
    please don’t hate on other religions. you have no business doing so.

    • Chris Says:

      I have every business doing so, for I hate on all religions equally. They’re all a varying degrees of stupid. Wicca is but one of many.

      • SpicyFries Says:

        Chris has a right to hate on any religion. Why? because he has the freedom of opinion. This is just one article saying (although quite vaguely) that he thinks something you hold dear is silly. Now I’m standing up for the guy. Am I a Atheist? no I believe in a God. Am I siding with him because I’m gay or bi? No I’m straight. Am I siding with him because my religion is right and yours is wrong? Well in my opinion my religion is right and your’s is wrong, but I digress. I’m siding with him, because he said something he believes in and your trying to tear it down. Your trying to break his faith, convert him, and ultimately destroy him with your expressly Illogical views on life. Stop trying to crucify Chris.
        Also wiccans, witch’s whatever the hell you are, tell me why is it in all religions’ in the world a vagina is a vagina, but in wiccan a vagina is a flower?

  20. Mumbo Jumbo Says:

    Exactly why I am not a Wiccan anymore. Accepting that good things happen because I physically make them happen is way better than believing that prayer, chants and spells are at work. Having a sense of self-confidence and a willingness to work hard are the key. Relying on rituals falls short. Still, Wicca is a lot better than most religions since there is no groveling before a god form or blaming others for one’s mistakes. “Do what thou shall wilt (will) but harm none” is highly superior to “an eye for an eye.” Plus the summerland (afterlife) is for everyone.

  21. Theo van Rossum Says:

    Magick actually does exist but never mind, this is just a dumb article by someone who never took Wicca seriously in the first place. Good for you but you shouldn’t have bothered yourself with it then.

  22. Mathes Says:

    I’m sorry that you feel this way. But since you “messed” with the Craft then you should know that not all Wiccans practice witchcraft. Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is a practice. I hope you the best in your life journey, but I do wish you would ammend your website. Thank you -Mathes

    • Chris Says:

      Six of one, really. Witchcraft is, within my experience, a major component of Wicca. And basically they’re both just made-up nonsense.

  23. Gabriel Says:

    May I question your need to overuse the word “stupid” for anything religious?

    Look, I’m not religious myself but I tend to be open minded to religion… I may not agree with every religious aspects but… as well as I can’t prove magick for exemple… I can’t really prove its non existence… after all, what is magick EXACTLY but manifestations of the inner child? And must the inner child be repressed because of conceptual logic that can’t even, itself, explain EVERYTHING?

    You see, I don’t follow any religions but… in my heart, it’s like I need to dream. I feel fullfilled when I believe.

    So… I’ll test you. What is your opinion on buddhism? 😛

    • Chris Says:

      No test. It’s got some decent underlying philosophical elements, though not many, and in that it’s like every other religion. It’s also quite, yes, stupid, like every other religion. Reincarnation, for example? Bullshit.

      As for “magick”, one need not prove it doesn’t exist. It’s on the believers to prove that it does, which they can’t, because it doesn’t.

  24. DOG Says:

    I AM not religious nor am I atheist. Both of these categories of humans seem as fanatical and insecure to me. There is no way either side can prove their side right and the other side wrong beyond all doubt. How do you condone your.selfimportant quarrels.with each other, using the same old and weak arguments over and over again? I for one have more important things than this to attend to. Get a life!. Dont waste it on this pointless debate, All sentient beings will find out the real truth soon enough…

    Ps Please excuse my bad english. I am not from around here…

    • Chris Says:

      Your English is fine! Don’t worry about it. 🙂

      And since the very definition of “atheist” is someone who lacks religion, I’d say you probably do in fact qualify. And to clarify, I don’t know that there’s no God. I also don’t know that there’s no Thor, no Shiva, no Hera, or any other gods. But there is no evidence that there is, and it seems really, really unlikely. So I assume gods don’t exist and live my life from there.

  25. Kyra Says:

    I am a wiccan and you really hurt me by saying that I can do magick but it’s not like what you think I don’t do it often though! Wicca is more a way of life than oh yeah I think I will cast a spell on you haha your frozen it’s more about thinking that if you do something bad something worse will come back to you three times worse and that the elemants are magic in them selves I hope you have changed your mind about wicca now,
    Thank you for reading ✌️🐣🐎🌞🌚🌑

  26. Nicole Says:

    I used to consider myself Wiccan but I grew out of it. I came to realize that my inclinations to perform so-called spells only reflected a lack of control in my life. I believe that many other Wiccans (subconsciously?) experience the same problem.

    A lot of the Wiccans I met were unlucky in love, survivors of difficult childhoods, from low income families, and/or struggling with weight and appearance issues. Many of them were teased by their classmates as children and adolescents, and some were still rejected by their adult peers. They seemed like society’s outcasts but they still wanted to fit in. They didn’t seem to have a lot going for them until Wicca filled a hole in their lives.

    I think the only thing Wicca does is give a false sense of control over the things that we have no power over, or the things that require a lot of time and hard work: money, careers, family, friends, popularity, even the weather. That’s my belief. For every desire, there seems to be a handful of spells that promise to make it come true.

    But I’m not calling Wiccans lazy or stupid. I am saying that among them — from what I’ve seen — there seems to be misdirected effort and, in many cases, a lack of self esteem. I believe Wiccans really do have a lot of power, but not in a magical sense. I think they have far more inner power of a practical, everyday, self-reliant nature.

    In the end, I think they’re discrediting themselves. When they do something great, they chalk it up to a spell, when instead they achieved what they wanted because of personal initiative — not magic.

    • Chris Says:

      I think that’s a pretty much 100% accurate description of Wicca and the practitioners.

      And I don’t consider individual Wiccans to be stupid, just the religion itself.

    • burn itdown Says:

      Unfortunately, most wiccans [and pagans] come from disjointed, oftentimes broken, families. There may or may not be a history of drug / booze abuse, mental disorders, etc. It is perfectly reflected on almost every forum I have toyed around on – the inability to understand typical morals / ethics, relationship problems, obsessions, addictions, etc., etc., etc.

      They are what many refer to as social rejects and in a way they are, intentional or not. And as you say wicca/an is a means of controlling one’s life, or giving the illusion of control, when everything else seems uncontrollable.

      I frequent wiccan/pagan forums for entertainment. Being half Japanese religion has no hold on me like it does westerners and well I am probably good in that sense at impartiality.

      I also worked at a mental health hospital & work now at an addictions clinic.

      I can’t make a professional statement but by observation I’d say most of the people on wicca/wiccan & pagan forums are people that suffer in some form or another mental disorder [everything from severe depression to outright schizophrenia and other]. A number should be medicated (such as a chap who told me the Horned God kept him from raping his sister as a child & who had apparently come & gone from the earth realm to Awwyfn on a near monthly basis… okay, even King Arthur in the legends barely escaped Awwyfn with his hide intact yet when I used my knowledge on celtic tradition / legends as dad’s family is very old Irish the guy turned around and didn’t thank for my corrections on some of the gods but actually said “I hope you die”) and refuse to be because they are told by wiccan or pagan “leaders” that such medication is a poison or something else.

      Sadly, when one is suffering a disorder and not properly treated that disorder [or illness] rarely gets better by itself. So those who can’t dig themselves out of the spiral are constantly dragged further and further into this mentality – wiccan or pagan or both – as a means of trying to straighten out & “fly right”. I am quite sure pagan & wiccan “spiritual” leaders sleep well at night for most, if not all, have a moral & ethical code only befitting a slug.

      I am quite sure most wiccans / pagans with proper treatment, given what I’ve seen, and some effort [there’s one forum, I am sure most of them are welfare receivers or very low end jobs] in their lives they’d soon find their lives turning around. Due to their own work, not some spell or god.

  27. Heather L. Says:

    I am most likely beating a dead horse but I shall be the thread necromancer and resurrect threads. A word on the Wiccan Rede, it isn’t not any sort of commandment or rule one must obey. It’s a a piece of advice. The word “rede” means advice or counsel. The also says nothing on what to do if an action does cause harm. It isn’t an If/Then statement, but an If statement. Okay, that’s more than one word. 😛 Also, Wicca isn’t orthodoxic. Wicca is orthopraxic. It’s what you do that makes one a Wiccan and unites practitioners not what one believes. The Horned God and Moon Goddess aren’t going to damn forever if you don’t accept or believe in them. It is quite possible to be atheist and be Wiccan.

  28. Charles Says:

    So it pretty much sounds like to me you had a bad experience with “Wicca” in general…..right? So you decide to downplay what other people believe? Trust me😉 when you put faith into something and believe in it with all your heart that certain thing will come to pass. Wiccans believe in “magick” just as Christians believe in prayer. Wiccans do ask for guidance just like Christians and they also have faith but they believe in a God and Goddess….per say 👍 The God and Goddess of Wicca are actually MANIFESTATIONS of the ALL….which means that no book or creed or doctrine can actually hold down just how wonderful “GOD” is. God is everything we are… .everything we see…..every breath we take….nature around us and the spirit within us. So do mea favor????? The next time you decide you want to downgrade someone’s religion or belief take a long look at whatever religion you supposedly follow…..dig deep enough and what you find may not have been the “religion” you thought it was. God and Goddess bless!!!!!

    • Chris Says:

      I absolutely believe that many Wiccans view magic the same as Christians view prayer, and I’m sure both are equally effective. And I don’t claim to follow any religion. I think they’re all very stupid.

    • burn itdown Says:

      Typical wiccan. Social rejects the lot of them. The pathetic thing is, princess, is wiccan is indeed just make believe. What is useful such as the herbology, etc. is nothing more than common knowledge / common sense and general apothecary practices written as if mystical.

      And like a large number of pagan “religions” all you do is steal, lie & cheat off of already existing religions and practices while trying to say you are different from what came before. All because your pea-sized brains do not allow you to have a single individual thought & as such you mongrels can’t make your own gods and what not to worship. One must wonder if the drugs or the booze ate away what little brain cells you possessed.

      • Brian McDaniel Says:

        I’ve been a Wiccan for 2 years and I believe in “self-knowledge” Wiccans use magick just as Christians do prayer. Each religion is a way to describe the DIVINE or if you really want to get technical….THE UNIVERSE. We just use the elements to help us in the process. As for you being a sarcastic asshole I think one of two things. Either your mother did not hug you enough or you basically made this page to make up for the lack of your penis size. Js

  29. Kay Says:

    I really fucking hate these type of posts. Saying magick doesn’t exist is ignorant. Wicca is basically a religion that was made for harry potter’s movies, its magick system is garbage and has no history, therefore you shouldn’t take spells from it as an example and generalise the whole fucking concept of magick as “bullshit”. You haven’t either studied any religion therefore you don’t have the right to dismiss shit. Science isn’t developed enough to explain magick. And there’s no universal rule that says if something isn’t explained by science then its not true. Most occultists don’t give two shits about the whole world, nor do they need a validation from a gay bald headed fat dude like you but just to let you know, if something doesn’t exist PEOPLE WILL FORGET ABOUT IT. Humans are not stupid to keep praying/worshipping something they imagined. Now if you want to see magick then get a few black candles, incense, draw any demon’s seal from the goetia, chant his enn repeatedly while gazing at the sigil, and you’ll feel his presence in the room. It could be simple as that, and hard as spending a year and a couple of months on studying solomonic magic and then buying a 3000$ worth of tools and evoking a spirit into the triangle of art and command it in the sacred names of the abrahamic God to do as you wish. Or you could spend 6 months doing the Abramelin’s operation which is all about, fasting, praying 2 times a day, isolation, and many many restrictions to contact your hga and summon the 10 princes of hell. Or you could learn the enochian system which is about angels mainly. Or you could be a necromancer. Or you could work with the planets at their respective times. And there exist many different systems that you could try. Atheism is the real bullshit. Because it arrogantly dismisses anything beyond our 5 senses which is fucking ridiculous.

    • Buddy Says:

      Wow you sound so fucking stupid right now it’s unbelievable. I literally can’t fathom the silliness of your comment.

    • Charles Says:

      From everything you just commented on”religion” not just Wicca in general…..sounds like someone who was neglected as a child, brought up in a broken home, leads a lonely life, confused about their sexuality, and above all not a happy person. If someone wants to worship a dirty diaper and a baby’s pile of doo-doo guess what???? That’s their business. But if you don’t atleast believe in YOURSELF then you sure lead a lonely and pathetic life. I hope you truly find yourself soon you sad and simple creature you.

    • burn itdown Says:

      Typical wiccan. Social rejects the lot of them. The pathetic thing is, princess, is wiccan is indeed just make believe. What is useful such as the herbology, etc. is nothing more than common knowledge / common sense and general apothecary practices written as if mystical.

      And like a large number of pagan “religions” all you do is steal, lie & cheat off of already existing religions and practices [I am half Japanese, I know many authentic aboriginals, and that’s not including the bloody mockery of voodoo practices you dopes pretend to practice… which of course is a laugh for if you ran into a real voodooist as trained by his or her family for generations they’d knock you on your backside before you know what hit you, I do after all have the misfortune of knowing a self claimed witch who encountered such a person in New Orleans and let’s just say she’s lucky all that happened was she felt ill & the police weren’t fishing her out of the bayou] while trying to say you are different from what came before. One must wonder if the drugs or the booze ate away what little brain cells you possessed.

  30. aubrenblog Says:

    “Wicca is VERY stupid”


    “I don’t believe that magic exists, and they do!”


  31. Sara Says:

    So by your logic, anything that hasn’t been already proven by science doesn’t exist. How then would any scientific research or discovery ever be conducted? It is amusing that you take the word of James Randi, who is essentially a performer and entertainer who makes his money by making a spectacle of himself, over the scientific method of hypothesis, completely oblivious to the very real field of quantum mechanics; a field in which via subatomic discovery we are finding science explaining the unexplained. But… never mind. Listen to your little stage magician. It’s almost cute.

  32. xox Says:

    Well you know what?!You’re making a complete fool of yourself! Oh, and while your at it, go hail you’re little devil.Because whether you like it you’re not, you’re little shit ass religion is exposed for what it really is.Devil worship. And maybe you should go sniff some more meth.It’ll have you looking like a baboon’s ass in no time.

    • Charles McDaniel Says:

      I’m a Christian….a believer of Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross to save not only me but you as well. Let’s just say WICCA is wrong…..let’s say Christianity is wrong…. LET’S JUST SAY EVERY RELIGION KNOWN TO MAN IS WRONG!!!! Well, here is a little reality check for ya…..if I believe in Jesus Christ and are completely wrong then guess what??? Then I die and I am just returned to this earth. BUT…..if I’m right and God exist and Jesus did die for our sins then I am found blameless in front of God because I believe in his Son Jesus Christ. Some people will look and say “but you are a sinful person!!!! You have done this and done that.” Trust me, I know I’m a sinful person….I know I’m not perfect…and NEVER have I portrayed or tried to be. IM JUST FORGIVEN. Plain and simple.

      • Chris Says:

        Yes, yes, Pascal’s Wager. Very intellectually lazy, that argument. By that logic, you should believe in Vishnu, just in case you’re wrong about Jesus. Or believe in Zeus. Or Odin. Or Coyote, Quezetcoatl, Raiden, Isis, Apollo, etc, etc. Pascal was a smart man, but really fell on his face with this one.

  33. Glass Rose Says:

    Wicca is also stupid and vapid because it follows concepts known as the “divine masculine” and “divine feminine”. I find masculinity and feminist to only merely be social constructs that are irrelevant today. It also doesn’t acknowledge anything about homosexuality or anything other than being straight and child-bearing.

    Also, the concept of Earth-centered religions are very ignorant. It completely ignores the universe around us and these religions treat Earth and the human race like it’s a special snowflake among those billions of galaxies and star systems. Give me a fucking break!

    Wicca is sexist, backwards, and simple-minded…just like most religions.

  34. John doe Says:

    Hey go and fuck yourself you sad shithead, magic doesn’t work because you don’t put yourself in tune with the necessary cosmic energies you need to practice, if you always keep looking down at the ground birds don’t fly they just disappear and then reappear, thanks for the intox, your Wicca brother :-}

  35. A.M. Pietroschek Says:

    It needs a retarded mixture of wishful thinking and sectarian sermon to actually associate Wicca with witchcraft, and it needs a worse form of dementia to think idiot-frauds and money-milkers like Gerald Gardner spawned a “religion”. It is some occult cliche with “Christianity plagiarized while wearing a witch or warlock costume”. Better do fantasy roleplaying, less dangerous lunatics and drug-wrecks stem from there…

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