Prop 8 and Prop 102

So America hates gay people. It’s hard to think there might be anything else at work here. Prop 8 in California, which would destroy legal marriages and break up families, passed last night, as did Prop 102 here in Arizona. Both of these are amendments, and so not subject to any court oversight, except by the Supreme Court.

I have some choice words for the people who voted in favor of these bigotted, homophobic initiatives, as well as ones who voted for similiar bills nationwide, including more bills to prevent marriage and a bill in Arkansas to prevent gay couples from adopting children.

Yes, I have some choice words, but you know what? You’ve all heard them before. They’re the same sad, miserable, unhappy words that we’ve all said since before Stonewall.

But here’s my choice words for gay Republicans out there: you done pretending yet? You get it? Your party hates you. Democrats are no angels when it comes to gay marriage, but they do tend to support gay adoption. Obama has said he’d lift “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and let gays serve openly. He’s also at least in favor of gay civil unions nationwide.

The Republicans, on the other hand? They don’t want gays adopting children, they don’t want even civil unions and they certainly don’t want gays in “their” military. In short, they want us to have as few rights as possible. They use us as a wedge issue to get votes. They make denying us equal rights a major part of their platform.

So you gay Republicans get it yet? It doesn’t matter that you favor lower taxes. It doesnt’ matter that you favor a strong national defense. All that matters is you like the same gender, and because of that the GOP hates you and will do everything they can to keep you from getting more rights and to strip away the ones you already have.

You get it yet?



7 Responses to “Prop 8 and Prop 102”

  1. SkyWayMan Says:

    Obama and Prop 8 both won in California. That’s not the hard core or even moderate GOP vote crossing party lines to vote for Obama but coming home on prop 8. Obama doesn’t want gay marriage either. Neither do minorities that voted for him. They supported prop 8 in big numbers. I keep hearing the line over and over again that being gay and republican is like being Jewish and supporting Hitler. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was Clinton’s legacy. That was a Democratic controlled Congress that held hearings to prevent gays from serving openly. Top Democratic leaders publicly humiliated Clinton over the issue and that bit of travesty was the compromise. The Defense of Marriage Act banning Federal recognition of any gay marriage is another Clinton leftover. Besides being a taxpayer and a democrat is like being a chicken supporting Col. Sanders. Did you notice the stock markets big drop on the morning after? Long term holdings that have made money are cashing out before the caps gains rates go up.

  2. Chris Says:

    Ok, pay attention, cause I’m only going to type this one. Yes, there are stupid fucktard Democrats out there who voted for these bills. Clinton was a dumb-ass for passing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and DOMA.

    On the other hand, that was, what, fifteen years ago? Since then, I haven’t seen any Democrats that I can think of campaigning by saying, “If you vote Republican, they’ll let gays get married!” No, that kind of paranoid hate-mongering is the exclusive property of which party?

    Yes, the GOP.

    The worst crime the Democrats have comitted on gay rights lately is staying silent and not advocating gay marriage. The worst crime the Republicans have committed? Well, Prop 8 comes to mind.

    You can’t win this one. There’s one clear party that’s far more heavily against gay rights than the other, and that’s the Republican party.

    So you get it now, or do you prefer to live in a state of sweet denial over what your party thinks of you?

  3. SkyWayMan Says:

    Exit polls on prop 8:
    doesn’t look like minority Republican support to me.

  4. originalsinsuality Says:

    This is an example of why the government should remain entirely secular.

    I’m sick of the the Right in this country and their disgusting efforts to squash basic human rights. No, they aren’t gay rights. They are HUMAN rights.

    Yes, Dems should not remain silent. Silence is akin to agreement.

    I do find it a bit of an oxymoron for someone who is gay to call his or herself a Republican. That’s like water and oil.

    That party is made up of *mostly* straight white males…give or take a few women, gays, and other minorities…mixes like water and oil is my opinion.

  5. Chris Says:

    You know, I’m going to go out on a limb here… while there were no doubt Democrats who voted yes on Prop 8, I’m willing to bet the vast majority of people who voted yes were Republicans. That link you sent shows 82% of Republicans voted yes. Far more Democrats than should’ve also voted yes, but, again, as I’ve said, while the Democrats aren’t blameless in this issue, the Republicans are far, far worse. They’re the only party that uses gay rights as an issue to scare voters into voting for them.

    And yes, the government can, should and must be entirely secular. As I’ve said before, the only correct position the government should have on religion is one of complete neutrality.

  6. originalsinsuality Says:

    A secular government will keep religion from becoming something used to squash the rights of others, from screwing with the freedom of people to worship who or whatever they want or do not want.

    History tells you what happens when religion and politics mix…

  7. Hussey Says:

    Yes I also Agree with the thought that a secular government will tend to keep religion from becoming a cause of ight or dis agreement between general public.

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