Brazilian Evil


So the Catholic Church, aka: the Enemy of the World, is continuing to stick their nose in where it doesn’t belong.

See, back a few months ago a nine-year-old girl was allegedly raped and wound up pregnant. With twins.

She lives in Brazil, where abortion is illegal except under certain special circumstances. The courts there figured an 80 pound, nine-year-old girl with twins she didn’t want and wouldn’t be able to safely have counted as special circumstances and approved her having an abortion.

Naturally, the Catholic Church is chiming in on this issue, as the Orthodox Church did with the case of an eleven-year-old Romanian girl a few months back (I guess the Great Scism gets set aside when it comes to abortion). Says Marcio Miranda, a lawyer for the Archdiocese of Olina and Recife, “It’s the law of God: Do not kill. We consider this murder.”

Aw, isn’t that cute? Miranda went on to say the girl could just have had a c-section. Sure, why not? Why not give her a surgical procedure that can often result in infertility. Why not give a nine-year-old two babies to take care of and be a mother to? An abortion has its own medical problems, but nothing on the level of problems that would result with a nine-year-old girl giving birth to twins, or even one child, for that matter.

Now we also find out that the archbishop of the area has excommunicated the girl’s mother and her doctors, and presumably the judge that allowed the abortion.

They were kind enough not to excomunicate the girl who, at nine, is old enough to bear twins but not old enough to be kicked out of the church. How generous.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Catholic Church is the greatest force of evil in the world period.


8 Responses to “Brazilian Evil”

  1. ludditeandroid Says:

    And they didn’t excommunicate the stepfather who was raping two little girls for three years. So at least the Vatican is consistent in their support of pedophilia.

  2. Kitty Says:

    Wow…I hate the catholic church so much!

  3. Chris Says:

    Yeah, I’m not a fan. 🙂

  4. kuri2ji6koneko Says:

    btw I have my own wordpress account now. I can’t promise how much I’ll remember to post in it though. I’m so used to myspace and I check that every day. My name on here is kuri2ji6koneko

  5. kuri2ji6koneko Says:

    If you haven’t figured it out..this is Kitty

  6. Chris Says:

    Oh, hey, gorgeous. 🙂 Once you have the site up, drop me an email and let me know!

  7. kuri2ji6koneko Says:

    I think I already have it up but hell if I know. This site is rather confusing to me actually…

  8. Chris Says:

    Well, if you need any help, drop me an email. I was able to leave a comment on your blog, which means it is up and going.

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