Vermont: Hellbound!

So the Vermont legislature has overridden their governor’s veto and legalized same-sex marriage! Words alone cannot express what an important moment this is, since this is the first time in the USA we’ve had anything other than a court ruling that’s brought about marriage equality.

Of course I’m sure the Christanistas and wing-nuts will be out in force on this one, though I’m not sure where they will put their argument, since they can’t say the courts overruled the will of the people. I’m guessing it will be something like, “The legislature overruled the will of the democratically elected governor!”, but that’s just a guess.

Still, with this and Iowa, we can have some hope.

EDIT! I completely forgot to mention the other good news. DC has decided to recognize gay marriages performed legally in other jurisidictions by a 12 – 0 vote. This is an important, but sadly meaningless, move, since Congress has to approve it, and probably won’t, since they’re a pack of gutless fucks.