Republicans: Soft On Crime!

Apparently there are certain members of the GOP who believe if you commit a crime, you shouldn’t be punished. In fact, the crime shouldn’t even be investigated. In fact, maybe it wasn’t even a crime at all!

Yes, kids, we’re back to torture talk! And today the president said he’d leave the issue of possible criminal charges to his AG, Eric Holder. This is exactly correct and exactly what he should do.

Of course this displeases the GOP who are trying to paint this as a partisan issue. John McCain, who should know better and who previously, like a couple days ago, called waterboarding “torture” (thereby putting him a step above Katie Couric on The CBS Evening News), said the adminstration should be “… looking forward to solutions, not backward to recriminations.”

Well, sure, why not? Why not let the guilty go free? Heck, let’s just adopt this as national policy from here on out. So the next time there’s something like the Holocaust? Pft. Look foward, not back. The next Pol Pot? We need to put recriminations behind us.

We need to go foward with this. We need to cleanse our national conscience on this one. Those who broke the law must pay.

Do not allow the GOP to be soft on this crime!


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