Things That Make Me Go “Squee!”


Two big stories from the land of Doctor Who have caught my attention!

First up, the new Doctor, Matt Smith, has finally turned up in costume, and what a costume it is! A tweed jacket with a bow-tie. Yes, very trendy that. 😉 Actually, I think it works well and plays a nice counterpoint to the youth of the actor.

Second, and perhaps as important, Tom Baker, known as the Fourth Doctor, is at long last coming back to Doctor Who! He’s going to play the Fourth Doctor in a series of audio plays (not being made by Big Finish, sadly). I’m looking forward to hearing those.

Third, the guest list for Gallifrey 2010 has been updated. In addition to the actor who played the Fifth Doctor, we also now have those who played the Doctor’s Daughter and Nyssa, as well as a few other people. Fun times ahead!


Yet More Evil From the Vatican

Back a few months ago a nine-year-old Brazilian girl was raped by her step-father. He got her pregnant. With the court’s permission the girl had an abortion and the local bishop retaliated by excommunicating everyone involved (except the girl who, while old enough to give birth, was too young to be excommunicated, and except for her step-father who, though he had raped her, was still eligible for forgiveness). At the time, I thought this was plenty evil enough, but probably the act of some local bishop being an idiot.

Ha, how wrong I was.

Pope Benny 16 issued a statement backing up the bishop’s ruling. This is no great surprise to someone like me, who views the Catholic church as the greatest force of evil in the world, and I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to most of the Catholics out there, but I damn well hope it comes as a disapointment.

In case it doesn’t regard the following statement from a Vatican official, which makes the role of humanity in church quite clear:

“This is not just theory. And you can’t start backpedaling just because the real-life situation carries a certain human weight.”

So the church members and their concerns don’t really matter. All that matters is doctorine and the Church itself. Very good.

Why the hell do you people stay with an organization like this? I think I’ll stick with atheism, where humanity at the forefront of importance.