Religion + Science = Bad

Sam Harris, prominent atheist and writer of Letter to a Christian Nation, has a fascinating editorial in the New York Times. It’s all about why it’s a bad idea to put Francis Collins in charge of the National Institute of Health. It basically boils down to the fact that the guy is a Christian evangelist.

Now I’m the last person who would usually say that someone’s religious beliefs should disqualify them for a job. I think religious belief is at best silly and at worst dangerous, but it shouldn’t stop someone from getting a particular job.

In this case, however, I’m prepared to make an exception, since it sounds rather like he’s the sort of person who would let his beliefs get in the way of doing his job, and that’s certainly not a good thing.


Trusting Your Insurer has a good article about why it’s a bad idea to trust your health care insurer. The bottom line? Well, actually, the bottom line. See, one important thing to remember when dealing with insurance companies is that they make money by refusing to provide you with coverage you’ve paid for. These people have a major profit motive, and while I have no problems with profit, it’s important to understand that when it comes to health care, the less they provide you, the more money they make.

How the Brits Do Things

Hey, Obama! Hey, Congress! Hey, Senate! Hey, all you fucks out there dragging your heels on repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” under some set of stupid reasons about how difficult it would be, hey! Read this article about how the Brits integrated gays and lesbians into their army , and then shut the fuck up, repeal DADT and allow people to live openly!