Sic Transit Teddy Kennedy – 1932 – 2009

I'm making damn sure this picture is positioned well to the left of center.

I'm making damn sure this picture is positioned well to the left of center.

Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy has died. He was the brother of Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy and the senior Senator from Massachusetts.

Kennedy was a controversial character at times. Like all the more notable Kennedys he’s had his problems, but no one can doubt that he was a dedicated, hard-working man who did his best by his state and his country.

He was the last of the great Kennedy figures; the Tier One Kennedys, if you will. Like Robert before him he tried for the Presidency and unlike John he didn’t succeed. He was a hell of a Senator, though, and will be missed.


2 Responses to “Sic Transit Teddy Kennedy – 1932 – 2009”

  1. tomdegan Says:

    The lion sleeps….

    “….to speak for those who have no voice; to remember those who are forgotten; to respond to the frustration and fulfill the aspiration of all Americans seeking a better life in a better land….for all those whose cares have been our concern, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die.”

    Edward Moore Kennedy, August 12, 1980

    I’ll never forget the night Ted Kennedy gave that speech at the Democratic National Convention after failing to win his party’s nomination for the presidency. I was staying in a one-room kitchenette in Liverpool, NY, just outside of Syracuse. It was – and remains – the greatest political oration of my lifetime. Watching the event on a small, black and white TV I instinctively knew I was witnessing one of those sublime moments in American history that would be remembered a century into the future.

    Teddy Kennedy died late last night at the age of seventy-seven. In a life that is littered with ironies, here’s the biggest one of all: His three older brothers – Joe, Jack and Bobby – are eternally frozen in our imagination as the personifications of youth. How poignant that our final image of the baby of that family will be as an old man, frail and mortally ill.

    An incredible realization just came to me: Teddy represented the state of Massachusetts for forty-six years, eight months and nineteen days. That is nearly three months longer than all the years his older brother Jack lived on earth. Forgive the cliche that is so overused it has become trite through repetition, but this really is the end of an era.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  2. PiedType Says:

    Love the caption!

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