More on the Marijuana


From the Times of London comes an article by Andrew Sullivan about legalizing marijuana and how, basically, in some areas of the USA, it’s already happened. It’s a good article, and one I highly recommend reading.

I really hope the laws on this do change. Keeping pot illegal is very, very stupid (as are the laws keeping other drugs illegal). People are going to use it, in large numbers, and without paying taxes on it. They’ll also continue to fund a lot of the very evil behavior by drug lords around the world.

Make it legal, make it safer, make some money off it.


One Response to “More on the Marijuana”

  1. Michael Amann Says:

    Jimmy Carter wrote a piece in the New York Times about how he was for the legalization of pot in small amounts and how the rest of the world has seen the light on how futile the war on drugs is. However, like most things it’s not that we are “too dumb” to see the folly of the war on drugs, it’s just that some people with the right influence are making a TON of money on the WOD and they don’t want to give up their cash cow and the good of the country be damned. That’s why we have so many stupid policies and the fuel combustion engine. A sad commentary on the human condition.

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