The Great Debate

I strongly hold onto the opinion that the Catholic church is the the greatest force of evil in the world. I’m not alone on this. There was a debate that was all about if they’re a force for good. It features Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Fry and a couple other people I don’t really care about. 🙂 Have a look, and make sure you watch the whole thing; all five parts. It’s really quite fascinating!


Video Game Review – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


I played the heck out of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare when that first came out. I liked just about everything in the game, from the weapons, to the plot that actually kept me interested, to the fine multi-player mayhem available on Xbox Live. So I was really looking forward to playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and I’m happy to report, it does not disapoint.

Almost everything about the game is better. The weapons are more fun (Predator drone missle for the win!), the graphics got kicked up a notch, and the plot… well, the plot’s there. Suffice to say if you liked Red Dawn, you’ll love the plot to the solo part of this game.

Aside from the entirely unrealistic plot twists that happen, the solo game is still quite fun. The enemy AI is decent, the missions are varried and the voice-acting is all excellent.

Beyond that, there’s of course the Xbox Live multiplayer. It’s not too different from before, though you do get to choose rank titles.

What’s really fun, though, and what adds big-time to the replayability, is the “special ops” missions. These, which put me in mind of a similiar thing in Perfect Dark, are a set of missions designed to be played one player or two player. They basically recreate some what you see in the solo campaign story, but with a few twists. They’re in five blocks of five, and each block requires you to earn a certain number of stars to open the next block. It’s lots of fun and will keep you busy long after you beat the campaign mode.

Overall there’s nothing at all bad about this game, and even the weaker part (the story), is still reasonably good. An excellent value for fans of FPS games everywhere!

(them as wants to can find me on Xbox Live as Parskell)