NEWS FLASH – Catholic Clergy Member Dislikes Atheism

I’m not exactly ahead of the curve on this story, since it was published on November 8th, but it still bears commenting upon.

Last week the New York Daily News published an editorial written by a Dominican friar who thinks atheism is a Bad Thing. Big surprise someone in his position would think this.

The editorial is basically nothing but an attack on atheists. It’s distasteful and unpleasant and, here’s the good part, is basically meaningless. The man trots out no real good arguments for his position and just trots out old, bad arguments, even going so far as to cause me to invoke Godwin’s Law on him.

History has shown that a radically rationalist culture becomes radically irrational if it is detached from God. The atheistic ideologies of Nazism and Communism did not produce earthly paradises, but only tragic regimes of terror that trampled human dignity and freedom.

To reiterate what’s been said before, Hitler was Catholic, the SS (“Gott mitt uns!” was their motto), was a faith-based organization, and the Communists were more interested in elevating Stalin and the State to the level of the church than they were in promoting any sort of rational ideals.

What a putz this guy is. For another good refutation of this nonsense, check this article here.


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