Torchwood Norway: Vi Forsvarer Jorda!

Apparently Torchwood’s Norwegian branch has been busy in the last couple days, defending us from the latest Slitheen incursion (damn you, Raxicoricofalipatorius!), as can be seen in this video:

Ok, so what is it really? It’s actually a failed Russian missile test.

There were some really ignorant people out there going on about this being something called Project Blue Beam or some alien invasion or what have you, but I’m pleased to see that the MSM actually stepped up and slapped this one down. Good job, guys!

(for a more detailed takedown, check out’s explanation)


6 Responses to “Torchwood Norway: Vi Forsvarer Jorda!

  1. arthurthepanther Says:

    you know, I just love how, WHILE DEBUNKING a UFO sighting, the anchorperson mentions Santa Claus in the same breath as the Aurora Borealis and failed missile launches. Sad. Just… sad.

    • Chris Says:

      Yeah, I’d noticed that myself. Not too terribly impressed by that. I know she was trying to make a joke, but I don’t tune into the news for comedy.

  2. Norwegian Says:

    Please change the title to “Å forsvare Jorden”. The current title, “Å Forsvaring Jorden” makes my eyes bleed. Thank you.

    • Chris Says:

      Hehe… that’s what I get for using translation software rather than asking someone who speaks the darn language. 😉 Thanks for the correction! I’ll get it changed.

      BTW: What are the differences between the two statements?

      • Stephan Brun Says:

        ‘Å forsvare’ is the infinitive, ‘to defend’ in English. ‘Forsvaring’ is a pseudoword which would mean ‘the act of defending’, if it was actually being used.

        ‘Vi forsvarer Jorda’ -> ‘We defend the Earth’ (‘Jord’ is a noun that normally takes the feminine gender) would be even better.

      • Chris Says:

        Noted and changed! Thank you! 🙂

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