Congrats to David Cameron!

'Those who can, should, and those who can't we will always help.'

Congratulations to the new UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, who replaces outgoing PM Gordon Brown following an election that led to a hung parliament.

I wish Cameron and his odd coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats well in the upcoming few months. I have a strong suspicion there’s going to be a new series of elections in a few months, especially if the Liberal Democrats don’t get the electoral reforms they want. I also find it fascinating how much Labour has been shut out by these new developments. They don’t really seem to have much of anything.

Oh, and on a side note, that quote at the bottom of Cameron’s pic comes from what he said outside 10 Downing Street a few minutes ago. Can you ever see a conservative American politician saying something like that?


5 Responses to “Congrats to David Cameron!”

  1. Kristian Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Given their history, I won’t believe the “we will always help” until I see it. It’s more likely to be “we will help if there’s any money left, but first tax cuts for the rich.”

    Still, fixed term parliaments and politicians having to discuss things and compromise rather than the usual Westminster “winner takes all.” Can’t be bad.

    • Chris Says:

      Yes, just saying they’ll help isn’t much until it’s backed up by action. But that said, one would never hear words like that coming out of the mouth of a Republican.

      • Kristian Says:

        True. Paul Schindler put it well:
        “Don’t mistake the Tories for the GOP. Their chairman is a Muslim woman and they have nine gay members of parliament.”

  2. Gareth Newton-Williams Says:

    Are you kidding? The UK has a well established reputation as having one of the most generous welfare states of any country in the world.

    What more must we do? Free schooling, free healthcare, free accommodation, free council services, free access to central government representatives, low crime, low violent crime.

    It’s precisely this sort of ‘the government should help me’ overkill that I think Cameron is labelling as a target for change. The UK helps people. You literally cannot go without, unless you want to of course, and yet people want more?

    Things can be better of course. But to say you need to see some action. What action are you looking for?

    I think he’s right on this. What’s really needed is an attitude of ‘those who can, should’. I like that.

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