About Damn Time

So series three of Skins is finally being released on DVD. This is about a year after it aired on BBC America and about 18 months after it aired on E4 in the UK.

I’m not sure what the delay was. Music rights issues is my guess, since I know those have plagued DVD releases of the series everywhere. Oh, well. Regardless of the cause, at least you can get it starting in September. Or you can be like me, and import the four series set from Amazon UK. That only works if you have a multi-region DVD player or if you want to watch them on your PC with something like VLC Media Player.

But, anyhow, if you haven’t seen the series, I recommend it. It’s quite good.

Oh, and meantime I heard a rumor that I’m not sure is true, but it comes from a trusted source. Said rumor is that the people behind the American version of the series (set to air on MTV… *shudder*), were planning to have a gay Hispanic boy as one of the main characters, but they gave him a sex change and turned him into a girl. Because, after all, lesbians are far more publicly acceptable. *eye roll* I’ll still check out the new series when it airs, but that gives me no faith in the show.


One Response to “About Damn Time”

  1. Megan Says:

    I think lesbians are more acceptable provided they meet a couple of basic criteria: that they’re femme, that they’re hawt (i.e. attractive to heterosexual white males), and that they’re actually bisexual. Because no one wants to see a big fat butch on television (except, um… me… and lesbians).

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