John McCain: Murderer?

John McCain used to be a pilot for the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. This war was undeclared, illegal and by most definitions its mere execution was a war crime. Yet John McCain knowingly participated in this war, flying several combat missions which no doubt resulted in the deaths of many.

John McCain – Washington insider, hypocrite… murderer?

Well, of course not. Of course he’s not a murderer. Yes, he no doubt killed dozens, if not hundreds, of people, at least some civilian, while a pilot in Vietnam. Yes, it was an illegal, undeclared war that we had no business being a part of. Yes, pretty much everything we did there was a war crime by the mere fact we were doing it. But the fact that he was a participant in the war does not make him a murderer.

Also, despite the fact that the McCain campaign seems to feel otherwise, J D Hayworth’s shilling for a company that turned out to be violating several laws does not make him a “huckster”.

This is an incredibly disingenuous ad. I’m sure Hayworth, for all his many, many failings, didn’t know the company was engaged in fraud. He was a hired spokesman for them, that’s all. It’s not like he was on the board of directors or anything like that. His being involved with them might have showed poor judgment, but that’s about it.

This is an ad for the Republican Party primary coming up next month, so it’s largely got nothing to do with me. I hope McCain loses because I don’t see Hayworth winning state wide, but since I haven’t seen a single Hayworth ad, I’m sure McCain will win (but probably not by much).

Either way, I’ve lost all respect for the man.


4 Responses to “John McCain: Murderer?”

  1. missu Says:

    I could agree with that. John McCain was also a coward during the war, McCain gave up to the enemy when he was in combat too

    • Chris Says:

      Eh, I won’t comment one way or the other on that, but I will say I don’t think he’s anyone especially heroic. He crashed something like three planes and got captured by the enemy who mistreated him horribly. Nothing there is especially heroic. He did refuse to go home before other people were released and that’s cool, but I don’t know enough about the story to comment.

  2. Pi Says:

    I’ve seen Hayworth on TV a couple of times. He impressed me as sort of a smarmy used car salesman kind of guy. Something about him kind of creeped me out (crept me out?). Am I way off base thinking that? It was just my initial impression.

    Somebody needs to tell McCain the show ended back when he agreed to share the ticket with Palin.

  3. Chris Says:

    Apparently I’m not the only one who finds this ad campaign annoying. Also amusing is Hayworth’s comment on his involvement where he said:

    “I always say about any product or service, one of the staples I learned growing up is ‘caveat emptor’ – ‘buyer beware,'” Hayworth said. “I think that is a given in any commercial endeavor. I would certainly hope in this one.”

    Right. So basically people shouldn’t trust any product, even the one he’s whoring shilling for. That’s certainly words to inspire coming from someone who wants to be a senator.

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