Vacation Update Number Two

This update covers the Wednesday part of my vacation to the Gulf area! It was, as you’ll see, a very busy day!

My mom and I got a later start on Wednesday than we did on Tuesday. My research in the area was largely over with after my trips to various towns in Southern Mississippi, so we decided to take the time to explore some of the other areas of the Gulf. Having gone to New Orleans the previous day, we decided that on Wednesday we’d go see Mobile, Alabama.

Now I’d never been to Mobile, or any part of Alabama, before and I gotta say, I was very pleasantly surprised! The city itself was quite lovely, and had a wonderful historical feel without feeling old fashioned.

A very large Masonic temple.

A fancy church in downtown Mobile

Guess what this building is? A law office. Any fancy old house in the South, odds are good it's a law office.

This, however, it just a nice building.

A modern skyscraper in downtown Mobile

Another nice skyscraper

The mardis gras museum which was, sadly, closed.

We ate lunch at a nice little restaurant that had some wonderful seafood bisque! After that we tromped around a bit and, among other things, found a park dedicated to Spain.

The Spanish park

The plaque at the park

Statue of De Soto

Once we were done putzing about in Mobile we decided to see how far it was to the Florida border. Turned out it wasn’t that far at all, so we set out to take the scenic route to Pensacola, Florida! On the way we passed this spectacular sign.

That sure is some pig!

The western end of the Florida panhandle looks quite a bit like the part of Alabama we were in. No shock there. It looked nothing like what I’d seen of Florida in various TV shows and movies. It was, however, quite pleasant to drive through, or at least it was until we hit Pensacola. Now for those of you who don’t know, Pensacola is a Navy town, and boy does it look and feel like one. We were about to turn around and leave (because you can only say “oh, ugh!” so many times), when we instead decided to head to the beach, and I’m very glad we did.

Notice the lack of oil smears

No dead jellyfish, either!

Nice wave action, too!

So lovely!

Check that sand!

Of course I couldn’t resist hopping into the water. I didn’t have any shorts with me, but, eh, I rolled my jeans up a bit and that in theory was good enough. In actual fact it meant that my jeans were wet and sandy from the knees down, but that was ok. It was completely worth it.

Down near the beach were some lovely, beautiful houses, almost all of which were up on stilts at least ten feet above the ground. I couldn’t get any real good shots of the stilts, but I did get a nice shot of a partial freeway next to the main bridge to the beaches. The partial freeway was filled with cars and guys fishing!

Hooray for fish!

After that we trekked back to Mobile, had some delicious pizza at a place called Buck’s, then we weary travelers made our way back to Gulfport. We watched a bit of TV and then went to bed. It was the end of my last full day in the Gulf, and I’d enjoyed the heck out of it!

Tomorrow, the last of my time in the Gulf and a visit to Beauvoir, the retirement of home of one of America’s greatest traitors, Jefferson Davis.


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  1. Alabama vacations Says:

    Great photos. Is it possible to use the photos on my website for a courtesy link back to your site ?

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