Vacation Update Number Three

The last day of my trip to the deep South began with me waking up a bit late. That was ok, though, since my mom and I weren’t in any great hurry to do anything. In fact all we had in mind to do was to see Beauvoir, the retirement home for Jefferson Davis, great American traitor. After that we planned to go to a movie and a light dinner before I caught my plane back to Phoenix.

Beauvoir was… actually quite lovely. It had been pretty badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina. It’s probably about 100 feet from the shoreline and it’s elevated up from the ground and they still had a foot of water inside.

From the front

The rather lovely front door

The house, apres le deluge.

The inside of the place was quite nice, too, especially given that Davis should’ve spent his retirement years as a “guest” of the Federal Government.

One of the rooms

Wish I had a bed that nice...

Nice dinning room, too.

Not to keep harping on this point, but the guy was a traitor, you know, not a king.

The furniture under the painting weighs 650 lbs and the water pushed it up against the back door.

Note the storm damage on the door.

Original glass that survived the storm.

That's actually just a painted-on design. Looks cool, eh?

Now for something very cool. The back door was made of what I believe was cypress wood. Here’s a picture of a cupboard made of the same thing.

So all the grain and color you see here on this door is actually hand-painted on! Apparently that was a big thing when the house was built in the 1800’s.

We wound up our visit to Beauvoir by seeing a couple statues and a plaque.

The infamous traitor, Jefferson Davis.

Davis with a doughboy and Midget Martin van Buren.

Now look, I’m pretty hard on Davis in this post. But the fact remains that he, Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Judah Benjamin, etc, were all, in fact, traitors to the United States. Their cause was rooted in the fundamental evil of preserving slavery, no matter how much they tried to dress it up in states’ rights issues. Had the CSA remained independent there’s no reason at all to assume slavery would’ve ended before the 1920’s at the earliest, and quite possibly there’d still be segregation down there.

But that said, I could appreciate the beauty of the place and the history of it, and it was cool to visit, or at least it was until I looked around in the gift shop. The visit there proved that for some people, the war didn’t end nearly 150 years ago and is still being fought.

See in the gift shop it was CSA all the time, every time. I saw the Confederate battle flag all over the place, including on a t-shirt that said “If you have a problem with this flag, you don’t know your history”. Yes, I’m sure that putting a swastika on a t-shirt with the same motto would be every bit as appropriate. Actually, perhaps even more so, given that it has a history as a symbol of peace dating back thousands of years before Hitler and the Gang mucked it up.

I also had to laugh when I saw a coaster that showed the CSA battle flag and had the motto “Don’t mess with Dixie!”. I pointed at it and told my mom, “Yes, because it would really suck if we had to beat them again.”

After leaving Beauvoir we went to see Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I was happy to see it again, though my mom didn’t much care for it. Then we had a very mediocre lunch at a cafe in Gulfport before my mom dropped me at the airport for a decent flight home!

I really had a wonderful time in the South, much more so than I’d expected. Mobile especially was a very pleasant surprise, but really the whole area couldn’t have been nicer! I’m very glad that I went, and I’m fairly sure I’ll go again someday! Meatime, I’m very glad to be home. 🙂


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