She’s a Witch! Burn Her!

Certified wackaloon and possible criminal Christine O’Donnell has been quite the media darling lately, which is somewhat surprising given that she basically refuses to appear on any non-sympathetic (ie: places other than Fox News), media outlets. Well, it turns out that before she got all gun-shy with the media she was a regular guest on Politically Incorrect. On one fun episode she talked about her brief experience with witchcraft.

That is of course in addition to her mid-1990’s, and as yet unrefuted, views on masturbation.

I take great solace in the fact that the GOP is apparently stupid enough to pick people like this for their nominees. If you people want her, you deserve what’s likely to happen to you during the election.


One Response to “She’s a Witch! Burn Her!”

  1. hoboduke Says:

    Considering the mass hysteria on vampire adoring teens and their moms, having a witch sounds great to me! Bell, Book, & Candle, and of course Bewitched were great! Didn’t know masturbation was endangered?

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