DVD Review – Family Guy: Partial Terms of Endearment

Did you know abortion caused 9/11?

Ever since it first aired, Family Guy has pushed the limits of good taste, and often succeeded wildly in doing so. For the most part Fox has allowed them to do and get away with quite a lot, but occasionally the show has gone farther than the network will allow. The last time it happened was with the largely non-offensive “When You Wish Upon a Weinstein“. The most recent is with this story, “Partial Terms of Endearment“.

The plot centers around an old college friend of Lois’ who wants to have a baby. She and her husband have tried time and again to have one, and just haven’t been successful. So they ask if Lois would be willing to act as a surrogate. She agrees and then they die. Lois debates whether or not to have an abortion and hilarity ensues!

Now this isn’t the best or funniest Family Guy episode ever made, but it is a very good episode, and one that I feel should have probably aired with a disclaimer in front. There’s not really much here that’s terribly offensive, but there’s a lot that’s very funny (especially Peter’s belief that Lois’ friend wants a threesome with him and Lois).

I understand why people have a problem with there being only one episode on this disc, but that episode does have commentary. Plus you get many extras, including some downloadable songs, an animatic (should you care about such things), and “Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show”. While it would’ve been nice to see a couple other episodes thrown onto here, I don’t feel ripped-off or cheated by what I got.


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