Reincarnation – What a Stupid Idea

Sikh and ye shall find.

I spend a lot of time on here picking on Christianity, as well as bashing Judaism and Islam. This is because these religions are the ones I am most familiar with. However I’ve been known to tear other religions a new one from time to time, like I did with Wicca. So I’ve decided it’s time to beat up one of the main tenets of a number of Eastern religions: reincarnation.

For those six people who don’t know, reincarnation is a concept that holds that when people die they are later reborn into new bodies with no memories of their old lives. The idea here is that each time they die the soul knows what happened in the previous life and can make better choices in the new one.

Well, this is just a dumb idea.

For starters simple math precludes this notion. If there’s six-and-a-half billion people on the planet and there were less in the past, where did all the “new” souls come from? Ok, maybe they came from animals, but there’s more of those than there were in the past, too.

Second, what proof is there of this? None. We don’t have any at all. Basically someone sat down one day and made it up. Some people like to say past life regression is proof, but it’s only proof of an active imagination. We don’t even have any proof that souls themselves exist.

Third, how are the mechanics of this supposed to work, exactly? Who decides what you’re born back into? People like to claim that Buddhism isn’t a religion (it totally is), but if that’s the case, who is it that says that, for example, George W will be reborn as a slug?

Fourth, the fact that you don’t remember your previous lives doesn’t really make any sense. If you don’t remember what mistakes you’ve madein previous lives, how are you supposed to apply those lessons to your current life?

Fifth, why is this desirable? I’ll admit, it’s better than going to Hell for all eternity, but come on. An endless cycle of death and rebirth broken only by merging with the Godhead or whatever? No thanks. I’ll stick to oblivion.

This life is the only one you get, folks. There’s absolutely no proof otherwise. None. I don’t care if 99% of the people in the world believe in an afterlife, there’s no proof one exists. Accept that this is the only existence you get and live accordingly. You’ll probably enjoy yourself a lot more. 🙂