Sic Transit Leslie Nielsen – 1926 – 2010

Surely he will be missed.

Leslie Nielsen, formerly known as a great leading man and of late known mostly for slapstick comedy, has died at the age of 84.

Nielsen was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. He took up acting as a young man and spent much of his life living in various places in Canada before finally moving to the USA. Here he began appearing in several movies and TV programs, eventually becoming a leading man and staring in the excellent sci-fi film Forbidden Planet.

As time moved on, Nielsen’s career began to stagnate, but it was revived in 1980 when he starred in a a little-known comedy film that changed his career path forever. From that movie he went on to the role of Frank Drebbin in Police Squad! and The Naked Gun.

His career sadly peaked during the early 1990’s. He made an ill-advised Dracula spoof with Mel Brooks (who was really phoning it in), and appeared in several other “spoof” films, none of which captured the magic of his first spoof roles.

Nielsen’s death came from complications of pneumonia. While not really a great and towering talent, the man was good at what he did, and he will indeed be missed.


6 Responses to “Sic Transit Leslie Nielsen – 1926 – 2010”

  1. Rob Says:

    Surely, he will be missed…

    Oh wait, that doesn’t work in print. Damn aural only jokes!

  2. Pied Says:

    “Airplane” is quite possibly the funniest movie I’ve ever seen. Maybe I was just in a particularly susceptible mood, but I laughed so much that I missed at least half the jokes the first time through. Nielson’s deadpan delivery was classic.

    • Chris Says:

      It was, and that’s a big part of why Airplane! worked and the various Movie movies don’t. With Airplane!, and other ZAZ films, you had actors like Nielson, Robert Stack and Lloyd Bridges who were all known for dramatic roles. They played their parts straight, without a smirk at the camera. That made a big difference and made them better movies.

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