We Want it Gone

The Pentagon has admitted that letting gay troops serve openly won’t really be anything of a problem. Around the world, countries like Canada, the UK and Israel basically respond with, “Well, duh.” Well, except French-Canadians who said, “Quelle surprise. Les Americans c’est tres bete.” And the Israelis probably said… something in Hebrew. But you get the idea.

This follows the Secretary of Defense saying much the same thing and basically telling Congress that it’s time to stand up and change the policies before the courts changed them. Better to take it gradually, according to him, than to just let the courts toss it all at once.

First, I’m happy that they finally came forth and admitted that this won’t be a big issue. Second, and more importantly, it doesn’t really matter what the military thinks. Their job is to do what they are told by the civilian government. Even if 80% of the troops were against it, and I’m willing to bet it would’ve been close to that number had they been asked about integration back in 1947, it doesn’t matter. They will do what they are told regardless. And troops who have a major issue with it are welcome to leave (and I bet the vast majority won’t).

Frankly I’m unhappy about the idea of allowing Congress to take it slow and phase this in. I understand that they apparently think our military personnel are a bunch of pussies who can defeat the enemy but are terrified of butt sex, but fuck that. They should just say “in three months, bam, everyone can serve openly”. They won’t, of course, and the SecDef made it clear that part of why he wants them to act now is prevent the courts from forcing the issue.

Plus, of course, I can’t really figure out how they’d phase it in, mind you. I mean, what, soldiers whose last names begin from A – C can come out during the first two months, with D – F following the next two, and so on? That makes no real sense.

But at least this report is a step in the right direction. I’m sure certain Senators will continue to bitch and moan, like Old Man Bitter, but most will go along with it, and regardless, this will happen. There’s no way to stop it.


3 Responses to “We Want it Gone”

  1. Chris Says:

    Ha! I was right. It was about 80%. Not bad for a random guess. 🙂 http://www.slate.com/id/2276466/pagenum/2

  2. Drey Says:

    It’s obvious by ur article you have no real respect for the military even if u didn’t state it our right. And I’m not sorry to say I completely agree that gays shouldnt be allowed into the military. Besides the spreading sexually diseases that are bound to follow and the severe weaking of our military. I can’t help but feel that most people don’t like to be watched while they undress. And that would be very much so in violation of a persons rights not even knowing if the person standing by them was watching them every time they take a shower “shudder”

    • Chris Says:

      Ok, you, sir, are an idiot. You can’t put together any sort of coherent argument and that’s not even touching on your spelling and grammar errors. So… you’re gone. 🙂 Feel free to read, but don’t try to comment again. Thanks!

      And, please note, this isn’t because I disagree with you, though believe me I do. It’s not because of your vile opinions. It’s because you can’t put forth an intelligent argument and you spammed out a bunch of really stupid comments. Debate is welcome! Idiocy is not.

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