The bin Laden Photos

So there’s a big discussion going on about if the photos of dead bin Laden should be released (and for those curious about his full name, read this). The White House says it won’t happen. People in Congress have seen them. Other people have seen them. I’m giving it no later than November before they leak.

I do think, for the record, that we should be allowed to see them. First, we have a right to. It’s a free society and a democracy and we have the right to see what our government has done in our name. I suppose these could be classified, but there’s no real reason they should be. Second, frankly we paid good money for this outcome. We’ve spent a couple trillion dollars we didn’t really have to fight the war in Afghanistan and the one in Iraq. We deserve to be allowed to see how our money was spent.

On a side note, I learned today that apparently the SEAL team that did the attack was beamed down from a Starfleet vessel and presumably used phasers and bat’leths to get the job done.



Pizza is Like Sex

People of a certain age will remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon show. I remember vaguely enjoying it. It wasn’t something I went out of my way to watch, but it was ok. I also don’t remember much about it, which apparently is something of a blessing, because I could be like the guy behind this video who remembered it well and apparently is a glutton for punishment. I say this because he had the idea of making and sampling every single pizza mentioned in the series. This includes things like chocolate sauce and garlic and anchovy and banana. Indeed.


Pizza is indeed like sex. When it’s bad, it’s pretty hideously awful and probably involves anchovies.