The Knight of Pansies

I can't wait for him to unseathe his sword!

(this post covers last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, and discusses one plot point/revelation in particular. You've been warned. SPOILERS, AHOY!)

So on last night's outing of Game of Thrones, we had an impressive display of swordsmanship with all the thrust and parry, with mighty warriors returning blow for blow and… oh, I can’t keep going with this. The Knight of Flowers is gay. Yep.

Now I knew this because I’d read the books and while it’s never really explicitly mentioned in the books, it is broadly hinted at and flat-out confirmed by the creator, George R R Martin. Ser Loras, the Knight of Flowers in question, had a very minor role through the books, but in this last episode his part was much larger (ok, I’m stopping now), and had expanded mightily (I’m weak, dammit! Forgive me!). There was a particularly wonderful scene with him and his boyfriend, Renly Baratheon, which was well-handled, very well-acted and nicely done all around. I hope this speaks of bigger things to come (… never mind…), for the two, Loras especially.

Finn Jones as Jo Grant's grandson. Oh, my...

On a bigger note, this speaks well of the acceptance of gays on TV. I mean, this scene was flat-out erotic, in addition to being character and plot building, and it was between two men who aren’t at all the stereotypes of gays. This is by way of being a very good thing. It’s not as ground breaking as it would have been 10 or 15 years ago, but it’s still notable, especially since this is a genre series, and the fantasy genre tends to be mostly centered on heaving breasts, chain-mail bikinis and men wearing loincloths. Gay characters in fantasy aren’t unheard of, and in fact 20 years ago it was reading a fantasy series with a gay main character that helped me to come to terms with my sexuality, but seldom are they as well-done and interesting as in this.

It’s worth noting as well that at least part of why this scene was so cool is due to the talent, charisma and beauty of Finn Jones, the actor who plays Loras and who described him as the Knight of Pansies on his Twitter feed. I’ve kind of had the hots for him ever since I saw him as Jo Grant’s grandson in an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, a part I’m sure Russell T Davies seriously enjoyed casting. I can easily see Jones becoming the next big gay icon and I’m quite pleased about that, though not quite so pleased as I’m sure his bank account will be. 😉

One last note: I really like this series so far, and I’m quite looking forward to the next book, which is due in only a couple months. I’m so pleased that someone has finally made a good, intelligent, workable fantasy TV series! Good job, HBO!


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