Fuck the Catholic Church in the Ear

'Damn dirty hippies!'

After all, their priests have been fucking kids for years, right? Or rather, they’ve been fucking them since around 1968. Apparently it never happened before then. Why do I say that? Because the Church is blaming the sexual revolution and societal changes in the 1960s and 1970s for the rape of children. This blame comes from a study commissioned by bishops (and any study they paid for was unlikely to blame them), and it says that priests of that era were unable to deal with the changes.

Now I will give them credit for not blaming the gays, but this search for a scapegoat that isn’t connected to Church teachings or policies is getting really ridiculous, as is their new policies on dealing with abuse with require abuse be reported, but only if local laws say it has to be. So basically they’re telling their people they should obey the local laws. How kind. They’re also saying they can ignore morality when the local laws don’t require them to pay attention to it.

You know, I give the Church a lot of shit, but it entirely deserves it. It’s a barbaric institution that, yes, has done a lot of good in the world, but it’s very much overshadowed by the evil it’s committed, and this is a perfect example of that. This study was bought and paid for by the Church as a way of telling themselves that, hey, everything is hunky dory and they don’t need to change a thing with their policies and practices. What a pack of jerks.

As I’ve said before, I long for the day the Church finally collapses and Vatican City is turned into an art museum with no religion attached.