Superman’s Costume

Here is Henry Cavill as Superman.

Notice that it’s missing what people who think they are being clever like to call “underwear”. Yes, the iconic red shorts on the outside are gone, for reasons very unclear to me.

Now look. I know that movie producers fuck with comic character’s costumes all the time. That’s understandable, as some of them just don’t look even remotely good on the big screen without adjustments. But, well, this is Superman. We all know what Superman’s costume is supposed to look like and without the red shorts it just… doesn’t… work!

The really annoying thing is that we know for a fact that Superman’s comic costume can work on the big screen on a real person. Consider this stalwart fellow.

Don’t tell me that doesn’t work.

Superman’s costume which, remember, according to the cannon was made by his adopted human mother, should have the red shorts. Without those, it just looks bizarre.


3 Responses to “Superman’s Costume”

  1. PiedType Says:

    You can “modernize” an old comic character just so much before you’ve got … something else. That guy at the top just doesn’t fly. (Seriously, where’s the cape?) The bottom pic? <emThat's Superman!

    • Chris Says:

      The cape shows up in a couple other photos I’ve seen, but the shorts are gone. My guess is that he probably takes off the cape when not actually shooting, which I can understand, since it would likely get snagged on things.

  2. Robert Palsma Says:

    My comic book store friends on Facebook have been chatting about this costume. Everyone likes it, some love it. One even said he might actually see the movie because of it. I also like it. Reeve’s Superman was so 80s/Late 70s and the costume reflected it. I like the updated version a lot more. It really does look better with the cape, of course. I googled a few pics. Honestly one of the things that kept me from really taking Superman seriously… was his unitard/underwear-on-the-outside combo.

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