Speakin’ of the Gays

There’s something seriously wrong with the Republican Party in this country. The fact that I think that will come as no surprise. Of the many things that are wrong with them, I think their stance on gay rights is the most egregious. They’ll spout off all sorts of anti-gay marriage rhetoric, for example, on the basis of states’ rights (something that was used to decry civil rights for blacks), and they’ll use a fear of gay marriage to get votes. This isn’t even going into things like gay adoption or today’s end to DADT. It’s really quite sad.

Compare and contrast with the Conservative Party over in the UK. That party, led by David Cameron, the Prime Minister, is backing gay marriage. They’re doing it on the basis of conservative arguments, like supporting families and stabilizing relationships. They’re doing this because it’s the right thing to do.

It’s fascinating to me to see what a real “conservative” party is like, and how unlike the Republican Party they really are. The UK Conservatives recognize reality and deal with the world in realistic terms, understanding the art of compromise. The Republican Party, by contrast, lives in a fantasy land where dogma is always more important than dealing with the real world.

I hope the Conservatives win the day on this one. Good luck, UK!


2 Responses to “Speakin’ of the Gays”

  1. Michael Says:

    In my many years on earth and dealing with humans, I’ve learned one thing. When excuses don’t add up, they’re lies. The Republican positions are meaningless because they are not arguments. They are simply responses for the purpose of making themselves relevant and holding on to their old constituency. At this point, the conservative ideology has failed. Free market fundamentalism has failed. You can’t just “let the market decide” and privatize everything. They know this, but they don’t want to let go of their taxpayer funded government jobs. So they say things to appear relevant, like a person at work does to appear busy so they don’t get fired. They fire up their base any way they can to stay employed. The electorate is changing as well, it’s browner and tends to favor government involvement. The Republicans have no where to go. They know this. You can’t run on, I support rich companies that fund my campaigns. So they make stuff up like, omg it’s socialism or “preserving the family” with ancient laws like the ones that said slavery was ok and women couldn’t vote. It’s complete nonsense, that’s how you know…The Cake is a LIE!!!!!

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