Good Stuff from Sully

Lots of good things from Andrew Sullivan today. First off, he’s the writer of the current cover story for Newsweek. The article is basically about how Obama is nothing like the slathering monster the right paints him as and certainly not the savior the left wants him to be. Instead he’s a good, sane, moderate president, and the things the GOP are attacking him on are, for the most part, quantifiably wrong. Liberals like me need to read it to, too, since about half the article is him knocking some sense into us. I don’t agree with every point he makes in the article (I am, for example, far more pissed off about Obama signing into law new rules that basically eliminate habeas corpus), but he still makes several good arguments.

Once you’ve read that, go read the follow-up article on his blog, which has some other good things, including the insane, sadly predictable, overreaction from the right, at least a couple of whom admit they didn’t bother to read his article.

Second, earlier today he posted up a video where he answers a reader question about the good things done under the Bush administration. I can agree with just about everything he says, and it really drives home how far to the right of George W the current GOP really are. In fact, I’d actually mention one thing he didn’t, which is that Bush did his best to try to get our languishing space program back on course.

So there’s your homework for today, kids. Check the video and the articles. 🙂

*** EDIT ***

Take a look at this video from last night. CNN had Sully on to talk about his article. Fox News won’t do the same.