Live-Blogging the State of the Union

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

7:07pm MST – I find it amusing when commentators say, “I think we’ll hear the president say X”, when they have a copy of the speech right in front of them.

7:09pm – Apparently the most conservative justices aren’t there. That’s inappropriate. I don’t care what your politics are, if you’re on the Supreme Court, you should be there.

7:10pm – Here we go!

7L11pm – Starts by basically announcing the end of the war in Iraq. Sensible, though the line about it somehow making us safer and more respected around the world is total bullshit.

7:13pm – Now mentioning bin Laden. I think I get the idea here. He’s going to start reminding America of all the ass-kickery he’s done.

7:15pm – Nothing like a little sucking up to the so-called “greatest generation”.

7:16pm – Everyone gets a fair shot and plays by the same rules. We can only dream.

7:17pm – Now he’s reminding us of how he got into office on the back of a recession and how the bankers basically screwed this country. Good, I hope people are paying attention.

7:18pm – Mentioning the three million new jobs is a good thing, as is mentioning the new rules for Wall Street. I do roll my eyes a bit about the notion that we’re somehow going to become a massive manufacturing powerhouse to the world.

7:21pm – That’s right, kids. Obama helped save GM. McCain would not have. There’s all you need to know.

7:22pm – What he isn’t saying is that makes business sense for companies to bring jobs back to the USA because our wages have dropped.

7:23pm – I am 100% in favor of removing any tax deduction for companies that move jobs overseas. The idea of cutting taxes for companies that stay in the USA and hire in the USA is good, too.

7:25pm – Eric Cantor looks pissy at the notion of taxes being lowered on American businesses. How sad.

7:27pm – Speaking up in defense of balancing our trade rules.Not a bad idea, but I’ll believe it when I see it. China has no interest in balancing our trade with them, and no interest in enforcing copyright laws, etc.

7:29pm – Mentioning that American companies are having problems hiring skilled workers and the like is a good thing. We really do need to refocus on the sciences in our schools (says the guy who is majoring in sociology, but, hey, someone has to flip your burgers).

7:32pm – This sounds like a call to end the stupidity of “No Child Left Behind,” especially the part about not teaching to the test. Sounds good to me.

7:32pm – He’s calling on every state to pass rules mandating that all students stay in school until they graduate or turn 18. I can’t complain about that! I think it’s a splendid idea.

7:33pm – “…stop the student loan rates from doubling in July.” I can get behind that. I can also get behind extending the tuition tax credit and adding more work-study jobs, something I’d be quite willing to do.

7:34pm – “Higher education can’t be a luxury…” Wow, what an elitist, eh?

7:35pm – Revisiting the Dream Act. I really hope we can get that one passed and hope that we can find ways to keep other people here that we educate.

7:36pm – Chuckles McCain stays seated while others applaud the notion of comprehensive immigration reform. Tell me why he’s so in favor of our current immigration system?

7:39pm – During the applause I keep hearing a sound that’s almost like a phone ringing. It’s driving me nuts since I keep looking at my phone each time it happens.

7:41pm – Developing natural gas resources safely and requiring companies to disclose what chemicals they use. Sounds good to me.

7:42pm – This is a reminder that Solyndra was using experimental technology and sometimes experiments fail. This is true, and we need to keep trying for solar, wind and the like.

7:43pm – End oil subsidies? I love that Republicans remain seated and motionless for that notion. But I thought they wanted to end government welfare? I also remain baffled that the idea of having a cleaner environment is somehow not worthy of applause.

7:45pm – I keep seeing an odd camera angle that makes it look like holy beams of light are falling on the president. I tell you now that Fox News will find a way to complain about this.

7:46pm – Good to remind us of the great public works programs under FDR and Eisenhower both. I also like the call for rebuilding our infrastructure, something that needs to be done soon and will only get more expensive the longer we wait.

7:47pm – I like the plan to help people refinance their mortgages. I bet the banks aren’t too pleased about it.

7:48pm – “No bailouts, handouts or cop-outs,” directed toward big corporations. I’m pleased about that.

7:50pm – Spilled milk joke: really? Really? Gads. Don’t give up your day job, Mr President. 🙂

7:51pm – Reminding us of the real positive changes in the health care reform bill. The changes almost everyone likes. Good idea.

7:52pm – Reiterating that there will be no more bailouts for the banks. I hope that’s true.

7:53pm – A financial crimes unit. Wouldn’t it be just fun to watch a reality TV show based on that? Ok, probably not, but the highlights from it would be fun. 🙂

7:54pm – Eric Cantor looks like he’s passing a kidney stone at the idea of passing an extension on tax cuts for the poor and middle class.

7:57pm – So close to invoking the 99% meme!

7:59pm – reducing our deficit through a shared sense of responsibility. Personal responsibility and the sharing thereof is not the practice of the GOP.

8:00pm – Just mentioned that most Americans assume nothing will get done this year. This was right as I was about to type just that, so…yeah.

8:01pm – A bill to ban insider trading by members of Congress. Hands up everyone who didn’t know that was illegal already, same with the stock ownership rule.

8:03pm – An appeal for calm and unity. It’s a nice idea, but especially in an election year like this one, it just isn’t going to happen.

8:04pm – Calling out the Republicans for their hypocrisy about government spending. A smart idea.

8:06pm – Hope he’s right about Syria.

8:08pm – The expected boilerplate about Iran and nukes. I don’t imagine it will amount to much. I mean, really, how many people are willing to have another ten year war in the Mid-East to stop Iran from maybe, possibly, having a nuclear bomb that they might maybe, possibly, use against Israel?

8:09pm – I find it interesting that he mentioned Burma. The situation is improving there, as are our relations, and that’s not getting as much coverage as it should.

8:10pm – Getting a bit jingoistic for my tastes. I know he has to, but I still roll my eyes.

8:12pm – Yes, yes, we all know our soldiers are just the bestest, most amazingest people ever, ever and we have to give them everything they ask for! Cause, you know, they already get paid and get lifetime benefits when the vast majority of them never see combat. But, hey, why not give them even more? I bet all the “cut spending” Republicans won’t want to cut any of that spending.

8:13pm – Pointing out that it no longer matters if you’re gay or straight in the military. For those of us liberals who are sometimes disappointed by Obama, it’s remembering that under his watch DADT finally ended.

8:16pm – And that’s that, after the usual stupid religious sign-off.

It wasn’t a bad speech. I don’t feel particularly inspired, but I do believe he did an excellent job of reminding Americans of the successes we’ve had under his administration and calling out the Republicans, however slightly, on the lies they’ve been campaigning on.