Big Finish Review – Doctor Who – The Fourth Doctor Adventures – “The Renaissance Man”

(special thanks to Big Finish for providing me with a review copy!)

To continue Leela’s education, the Doctor promises to take her to the famous Morovanian Museum. But the TARDIS lands instead in a quiet English village, where they meet the enigmatic collector Harcourt and his family.

When people start to die, reality doesn’t appear quite what it was. There’s something sinister going on within the walls of Harcourt’s manor, and the stakes are higher than they can imagine.

The Doctor is about to discover that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Starring: Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Ian McNeice (Harcourt), Gareth Armstrong (Jephson), Anthony Howell (Edward), Daisy Ashford (Lizzie), Laura Molyneux (Beryl/Professor Hilda Lutterthwaite), John Dorney (Dr Henry Carnforth)

Here we are with the second of Big Finish’s main line of Fourth Doctor audios, and I’m pleased to report that they’re just getting better! This particular bite-sized story is only an hour long but packs in a lot in that time. Best of all, it’s a good, entertaining story where I didn’t feel confused or lost at any point, and really I haven’t anything bad to say about it.

I must provide particular praise to Baker and Jameson, who both have slipped almost completely back into their old roles. Jameson in particular sounds almost exactly like the old Leela. Baker still isn’t quite there as the Doctor, but he’s very, very close. I also have to give attention to Ian McNeice, who listeners might remember from some of the recent 11th Doctor stories where he played Winston Churchill. He brings a nice edge to the character of Harcourt.

I’m glad that the stories are continuing to be interesting and “feel” like episodes of the series. Really, I’m just glad in general to have them! Another win from Big Finish.


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