The Birth Control Thingy

You probably heard about the manufactured outrage over the Obamacare provisions that requires employers to provide free birth control for employees through their insurance coverage. It’s baffling to me why this is a problem, but ok. The part of the law that created controversy would have required schools, hospitals and any other businesses run by religious organizations to provide the birth control just like any one else has to. Churches still would be exempt. I think that’s quite reasonable. We can imagine that everyone who attends and/or works for a church probably belong to the same religion as the church itself, but when it comes to people who work at schools or hospitals, that isn’t always the case. My mom isn’t Catholic, but used to work for Catholic Charities. The mother of one of my friends isn’t Catholic, but she used to teach at a Catholic school. Logically since using birth control isn’t against their religion there isn’t any reason why their employer shouldn’t have to provide it like anyone else would.

But of course that isn’t good enough. No, the religious types, most especially the Catholics, got all up in arms about this. I saw a priest, or bishop or something on the news the other day saying he doesn’t want to have to pay for something he considers immoral. Well and good, except you know what? My income taxes (which he probably doesn’t have to pay), go to finance the death penalty, the war on drugs and regular wars. I think all three of those things are immoral, but I still have to pay for them.

Really this is one of those issues that, had this not been an election year, likely would have gone away soon. As it is, it has indeed gone away through a compromise that still has the same result (people getting access to birth control), but now it’s being paid for by the insurance providers and not by the employers. Whatever. I think this whole thing was very silly and yet another great example of my usual rant against the Catholic church.


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