Happy Birthday, Arizona!

So the rest of you can celebrate Valentine’s Day, if it pleases you. I’ll instead be celebrating Arizona’s centennial! Yes, it’s been 100 years since Arizona became a state! So here’s a list of meaningless facts about the place for you to enjoy!

It is the 48th state, admitted the the Union on February 14, 1912 when William Howard Taft was president.

Two Presidential nominees (John McCain and Barry Goldwater), called Arizona home, though McCain was born in the Canal Zone in Panama.

Supreme Court Justices William Rehnquist and Sandra Day O’Connor live/have lived in Arizona.

The capital is Phoenix, and it’s the 6th largest city in the USA.

By coincidence, Arizona is the 6th largest state by area, but 16th by population.

Arizona Territory first came into existence under the Confederacy and consisted of Southern Arizona and Southern New Mexico. The current split was done after the Civil War.

Arizona is also home to Picacho Peak, site of the westernmost battle of the Civil War.

In Arizona we don’t “do” Daylight Savings Time. The end result is that we’re technically always on Mountain Standard for things like TV programs and the like, but on a practical level, we’re on Pacific Time for much of the year.

One of the most famous holes this side of a Kardashian is located in Arizona: the Grand Canyon!

There have been three Navy ships named for the state, including one that is sadly famous.

Phoenix, Arizona, frequently reaches temps over 110, and even over 115. We have more than 100 days of 100+ plus weather, usually starting in April. The record hottest day, June 26, 1990, had us at 122, though thankfully that was before I was here. Just imagine the fun we’ll have with global warming!

I love living in Arizona. The climate is great for the most part. 2% humidity is an interesting thing. I like the politics a little less, but in the Phoenix Metro area they aren’t too bad. I also love that while living here I’ve been far more successful with my life than I have anywhere else I’ve lived. That’s no bad thing!

So happy birthday, Arizona! Hopefully I’ll be around for number 200.


One Response to “Happy Birthday, Arizona!”

  1. PiedType Says:

    Happy Birthday, Arizona! Despite the heat and the politics, I still look forward to visiting someday.

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