Rick Santorum is Fundamentally Anti-American

I’d say that any true American (which is, I suppose, like any true Scotsman, but whatever), probably at least believes in the values in our Constitution. Among these are, as it were, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (yes, Declaration, not Constitution, but still). One of the most important values, up there with freedom of speech, trial by jury and the right not to suffer cruel and unusual punishment is the separation of church and state.

Now as we all know, the words “separation of church and state,” don’t appear anywhere in the Constitution. But then again, it also doesn’t explicitly say, “Everyone has the right to own whatever and how ever many guns they want!”, and Jefferson coined the phrase “wall of separation” when talking about the subject, so there’s that. But I know that people like me believe it’s important, and I’d like to think that most religious people believe it is, too.

Rick Santorum is an awful, horrible human being. He honestly believes that gay sex should be illegal, that abortion should be illegal, that gays should not be allowed to adopt children, that gays should not be allowed to have civil unions and that birth control should be outlawed. He would carry this nation into the Dark Ages if he had his way. One commentator I once read described him as “the finest mind of the 13th century,” which I feel insults…well, pretty much everyone significant back then, but there you go.

In Santorum’s America, church and state are one, with the church being the more powerful and important. He really, honestly wants this sort of thing. I’m not making this up and I’m not engaging in election year hyperbole. He’s been very up front about what he wants. He is a fundamentally reprehensible human being with views that should make people on both sides of the aisle shudder with horror.

For a really good take down of what Santorum believes and wants for this nation, check this article. Also, if you live in Arizona or Michigan, please, please vote for anyone else. Gingrich, horrible though he is, would make a better president than this ass-clown. Same with Ron Paul. Hell, Herman Cain would have been better. I’d even accept John McCain over Santorum, because at least McCain, dishonest though he was, wasn’t a theocratic nutjob like Santorum.

I know some of my friends really hope Santorum gets the nomination because they feel Obama will then have a cakewalk to back to the White House. I believe they are likely correct, but likely isn’t the same as certain. If the economy tanks again and unemployment goes back to double-digits, people would vote for him out of fear. So bear that in mind, guys.

And again, if you can vote against this guy, please do. He’s really, really quite dangerous.