More Penny Hate

I really hate pennies, which is odd at least in part, because I’m a coin collector. But anyhow, I hate the hell out of pennies. Here’s some more loving penny-hate from the web, and for the record, I could totally get behind a notion to drop us to having three coins: dime, fifty-cent piece, and a dollar coin, though I’d also like a two-dollar coin, please.

I really hate the fuck out of pennies.

Also, check out this article of reasons why we won’t get rid of our penny. I’d like to address a couple points:

2. Abraham Lincoln is on the penny, Lincoln was from Illinois, and Illinois is a critically important state in U.S. elections. Neither political party will want to be blamed for what many in the state will consider massive disrespect.
3. Does anyone seriously think that former Illinois Senator Barack Obama will allow anyone to disrespect Lincoln?

These are only valid arguments if you think the population of Illinois is full of gibbering idiots. I’m very sure that you could eliminate the penny and most of the people who live in Illinois would go “meh” as far as the Lincoln aspect is concerned, especially as he’s on the $5 bill anyhow. The argument of “we don’t want to offend voters in Illinois!” is a frequent, stupid reason to keep the penny.


Christianity in Crisis

Go have a look at Andrew Sullivan’s latest article on Christianity. It’s very fascinating, even if I do disagree with some of his fundamental points. For example:

The thirst for God is still there. How could it not be, when the profoundest human questions—Why does the universe exist rather than nothing? How did humanity come to be on this remote blue speck of a planet? What happens to us after death?—remain as pressing and mysterious as they’ve always been?

Much as I love Sully, I must disagree here. Of his three questions, we’re not sure of the first one, and we’re quite sure of the second, and the third remains what is has always been: “nothing, unless you can prove otherwise.” These questions are only really mysterious if you want them to be.