Where I’ve Been, Where I Want to Be

I thought I’d write up a purely self-indulgent blog article today, so here it is. Today’s topic: places I’ve traveled to, and where I want to go next. Let’s begin with where I’ve been in the USA. I’m including niggling things like layovers in airports, because why not? I shall begin with the states I’ve lived in and go from there.

The United States of America!

Washington State

Seattle, Mount Rainier, Mount St Helens (prior to May, 1980), Bellingham, Lopez Island, Ocean Shores, Spokane, Vancouver, the Tri-Cities Area, the Grand Coulee Dam, Yakima and Tacoma.


San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs


Phoenix, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, Tucson




Anchorage, Fairbanks, North Pole (not the North Pole, mind you. This is a town)


Fifteen glorious seconds at the border between Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri






Atlanta’s airport. Did you know Delta uses it as a hub?


Craters of the Moon


Clarksville, Indianapolis


Emporia, where I saw graffiti saying, “Surrender Dorothy”


Louisville, and the entirety of the freeway going to Nashville, TN


New Orleans. That’s all, but what else do you need to see there?


The Senator Larry Craig Memorial Airport/Restroom


Biloxi, Gulfport, Hattiesburg


That same border business with Arkansas


Helena…I think. Also whatever parts of Yellowstone are in Montana


La$ Vega$! See what I did there with the $? I’m so clever!

New Mexico

Hold the bus, there, Charlie. There’s a New Mexico now? Well, whatever parts of it I saw, I saw while on the train, so…yeah. There was a lot, but none of it that I remember.




Tulsa, Oklahoma City and exotic Vinita


Medford, and Portland, where the dream of the 90s is alive!




The airport in Houston. I don’t recommend it. That is all.



Well, that’s it for places I’ve been in the US! Now let’s examine my exotic international destinations!

Jet-Setting, Exotic, International Travel! Bon voyage!

British Columbia.
In the very early 1980s.
I recall a Flintstones theme park.

Thus ends my international travel experience.

So now let’s have a look at places I haven’t been yet, but would like to go to.

Where I want to go!

Pretty much everywhere I haven’t been.

Be more specific!

Ok, fine.

The United States of America

Well, for starters I’d like to visit all the territories and DC. I’d also like to visit Chicago and New York, since I’ve never been to either. A trip to Disney World sounds like wonderful fun, as does a visit to the Florida Keys. I’d also like to visit South Dakota, but pretty much only to see Mount Rushmore, and North Dakota, but pretty much only to say that I have. I’d love to take a trip through New England some day, though not in the fall, because that’s just too common for my level of awesome. Beyond all that, I do have a vague goal of setting foot in each state at least once, so we’ll see how that works out.

Places that aren’t the USA, and therefore aren’t as awesome, according to all true Americans!

I’d love to see most of Europe. Actually, I don’t think there’s a single European country I don’t want to visit, except for, at least at present, Belarus, because they really need to get their shit together. But I’d like to visit all the major cities, like London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Tirana, etc.

I’d also like to visit the following places in Asia: Israel, Saudi Arabia (specifically Mecca, though I’m not willing to change religions for that), India, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Mongolia and Japan.

As for Africa? The list is much shorter. Basically I want to visit Carthage in Tunisia, the Pyramids of Egypt, Timbuktu and South Africa. Pretty much the entire rest of the continent is a malarial sewer, and I’m willing to wait until they get “good” governments.

For Australia and Oceania, I want to see, well, Australia, of course. Sydney, most of all, but also Perth as I had an uncle who lived there for several years. I also want to visit New Zealand, and see Auckland and Wellington. Then beyond that, I’d like to visit Fiji, Vanuatu, Kiribati (because I’ve heard it’s a really…well, interesting place), and Pitcairn, which is probably the least likely, and least accessible, thing on this list.

Then for central and South America, I’d like to see…almost nothing in central America. I want to visit Mexico at some point to say that I have, but really only the touristy spots. Then the Panama Canal, and that ends my journey there. In South America, I’d like to visit Brazil and Argentina. The rest of the continent doesn’t hold too much interest for me.

So how likely are these various trips? Well, anywhere in the USA is a realistic goal. Beyond that, it’s all a matter of money. Once I have enough, I can visit just about anywhere. Time to get a job and save my pennies!

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