Fun with Biology!

For extra credit in my biology class, were tasked with “tweeting” answers to questions. Each answer could be only 140 characters. Here’s what I did!

1. Define coevolution. (5pts)

When two organisms evolve side-by-side and influence each other’s development.

2. How can genetically modified organisms be beneficial to society? (5pts)

By providing us with more and better supplies of food.

3. Describe how humans regulate their body temperature. (5pts)

Through sweating, repositioning of blood, and artificial means like climate control and clothes.

4. Describe developmental genes. (5pts)

They are genes that help in the physical development of the body.

5. Describe DNA replication. (5pts)

Done through unwinding (unzipping), complementary base pairing (positioning) and rejoining (rezipping).

6. What is the function of the plasma membrane? (5pts)

Keeps what’s inside in, and what’s outside out.

7. Describe one theory of the development of cellular life on Earth. (5pts)

The extraterrestrial theory holds that life may have arrived here from a meteorite, or other space debris. Not widely accepted.

8. What is homeostasis and name at least three mechanisms plants use to maintain homeostasis? (5pts)

Keeping everything “normal”. Plants do it through hormones, stomata and phloem transport, among other things.

9. Describe the two life cycles of bacteriophages. (5pts)

Lycitic cycle: includes lysis and viral reproduction. Lysogencic: includes potential reproduction.

10. Why should we be concerned with preserving biodiversity? (5pts)

On a selfish level: we never know when we might need them to help us.

11. What is the difference between mitosis and meiosis? (5pts)

Mitosis = cells receive all chromosomes from parent. Meiosis = receive haploid number of chromosomes

12. Compare chloroplasts and mitochondria. (5pts)

Chloroplasts = conducts photosynthesis. Mitochondria = generates ATP for the cells to use

13. What is the difference between an innate and learned behavior? (5pts)

Innate = instinctive, like a spider making a web. Learned = taught, like humans learning Biology 100

14. What is an enzyme? (5pts)

A biological molecule that helps to catalyze chemical reactions.