Religious Extremists Refuse to Play with Girls!

Earlier today, a group of religious extremists who believe women are inherently inferior and don’t deserve the same rights as men, refused to play in a championship game against another team because that team has a girl playing for them. You might wonder where these guys are from that they have this sort of attitude. Yemen, you think, or perhaps Afghanistan? Nope, it’s right here in the good ole USA. Arizona, in fact. And the religious zealots in this case aren’t Muslim, they’re Christians. Not even a weird Christian cult (well, no weirder than any other, anyhow). No, they’re Catholics.

What a pack of dumb-asses. Forfeiting your chance to see how good your baseball team really is because it means playing against a team that has eight males on the field and one female. It’s not like they’re being forced to wear condoms during the game, or listen to the girl recite Bible verses as she runs the bases. No, merely being on the same field as her is apparently a sin. At least a venal one, and possibly mortal.

These kids lost by virtue of not playing, and their stupid, backward, superstitious, sexist attitude means they’re going to lose at a whole lot more than just baseball.


One Response to “Religious Extremists Refuse to Play with Girls!”

  1. AskGodAnything Says:

    That one floors me… I would think they would be motivated to beat the team with a girl player. I guess they don’t ask enough questions.

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