Oh, Texas. Tsk, Tsk.

Well, sounds like Texas may have executed an innocent man back in 1989. That’s the conclusion reached by a group of law students and their professor who spent five years looking into the case of a man named Carlos who was accused of murder. He said he didn’t do it, but had a crappy defense lawyer and was eventually executed on the basis of eye-witness testimony alone. Turns out that, “hilariously,” another man actually did the crime. It was a man, also named Carlos, who, up until the day he died in prison where he was being held on an unrelated offense, said that he was actually the one who did it.

So, yeah. Texas. Way to go, guys. It’s worth noting that the executed Carlos was 27 when he was murdered by the state. Were he alive now, on, say, a life prison sentence, he’d be 50. We’d be able to hold a new trial and, once he’s found not guilty, he’d be able to walk free. But since the state wanted him dead, he’s dead and there’s no way to make up for that.

I’m sure this case won’t get widespread attention and even if it does, it won’t likely change anything. People who love the revenge-driven death penalty will simply shrug and say something about making omelets. Cold comfort to the family of the dead man, I’m sure.