Iconic DC Hero to Be a Gay

Apparently. I meet the news with something between mild excitement and slight meh. From what I hear, it will be someone established and iconic, but I think we all know who it won’t be, ie: pretty much any of the established and iconic characters. Most likely it will be some mid-tier member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Justice Society, or some other group or individual that will cause most of the public to go, “Who?” Of course, I know who my personal choice would be.

He’s already kind of a one-man pride parade.

On a side note, it’s nice to see DC comics boldly going where Archie has gone before…


3 Responses to “Iconic DC Hero to Be a Gay”

  1. Pipe Says:

    Man that is just not good, I mean eventually Robin becomes Batman plus there is like three or four Robins in the universe, I just don’t think any hero must be gay, Damn bro and why DC universe and not Marvel?

    • Chris Says:

      I think Marvel already has a couple prominent gay heroes. Hulkling and Wiccan, if I recall, are a couple.

    • Matthew Says:

      Recognizing that some heroes must be gay is kind of like recognizing that some heroes must be women, although I hope that the first big out-of-the-closet gay heroes get more than Wondershorts and an invisible plane.

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